Monday, July 8, 2013

BBC: First Time an Orangutan Birth has been Filmed

Moments after first filming of an orangutan birth
"It is believed to be the first time a live orangutan birth has been filmed." --BBC Spokeperson

It will be some time before we get to see how Bigfoot care for their young. This is as close as we may ever come. For the first time ever, a live orangutan birth was filmed. 

The Daily Mail reports: 
After a labour lasting an hour and three quarters, Dana delivered the baby herself, cleared her airways with her mouth and checked her new daughter’s fingers and toes.

Knowing she was being observed by the park’s staff, she went over to her trusted keeper and showed him the baby. She is being referred to temporarily as Harta, which means ‘gift’.

SRC: Daily Mail
You can watch the 30 second video of the orangutan mother caring for her newborn below.

Extended Clip


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