Friday, June 28, 2013

WATCH: Bob Gimlin and Bill Munns Share New Insights into the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film

Bob Gimlin was there when the most famous Bigfoot footage was
filmed and Bill Munns  has done the most signifivcant analysis of it.

Ahhh to be a fly on the wall when two of  the biggest contributors to Bigfoot research discuss the most iconic footage of Bigfoot. The video below is an candid spontaneous conversation between Bob Gimlin and Bill Munns recapping the events that must have happened when Roger Patterson filmed.

The most exciting thing about the video, in our opinion, is that both garner new insights from each other while discussing Bill Minns 3d representation of the events.

Watch the video they are referring to down below. You can also view the video at


  1. So Mr. Gimlin is basically having the events run through for him. Mr. Munns conveniently helps Gimlin get through why there were no tracks coming in, rather only away, and those being less than twenty. Why not ask him how many Bigfoots they were tracking? Why not ask him why he had Bob Heironimus' horse? Why not ask him any skeptical question at all? No, just gonna walk him through it?

  2. I myself have gone over footage and I can say that it is not a man in a suit, the arm length is too long! No amount of padding will change the flex points of an actors arms, they will bend where his actual arms bend and if there were extensions used to lengthen the end of the arm, the ratios will be off and Patty's are right on.

    Bob Heironimus is a liar, he couldn't even match Patty's movements, ratios or coloring and if he was the one in the suit, he should have known the color of the suit at least. Bob's suit was not even close, the arms were to short, the glutes were to small and placed wrong, the head did not match and the color was reddish brown compared to Patty's black.

  3. I am tired of anonymous snipes. Why not grow a pair and put your name to your comments. Bob's not being led through it. Bill is explaining the results of the reconstruction and seeking confirmation/clarification. Bob's recalling details of events that happened over 40 years ago!

    1. They won't grow a set gonads anymore than Bob H.'s costume would grow a set of breasts . The ignorance of the majority of the human race can't be be overestimated.

  4. I imagine that Mr. Gimlim has had triple his share of skeptical questions since 1967, and questions from many quarters intended to trip him up. I've only met Mr. Gimlin twice, but my hat has always been off to him. The conversation on the video seems to me like a perfectly natural interchange that happens when someone with fresh eyes & ideas works with an eyewitness to review an event that has a geographical as well as highly-charged context. I can sense the delight and/or wonder that is experienced when someone explores or brings new insights into an old event where it seems like everything has already been said. It is a journey of re-discovery taken by Mr. Munns and Mr. Gimlin that is of benefit to the interested community. -- Gene Baade

  5. here's the choices this or similar creatures dont exist and never have, this or similar creatures have existed though no longet exist or this or similar creatures have existed and still do..well its a fact that they once have so that eliminates one of the three choices .The only question that remains they still exist ? only one foot print out of thousands has to be authentic or only one person has to be telling the truth about their eye witness account of being face to face with the creature. Now after 46 years of not being able to come close to duplicating this film and the math and analysis conclusion of this film eliminates a person in a costume well guess what ? It doesn't take a genius to figure out beyond a reasonable doubt that these creatures have existed and still do.

  6. one more thing theres nothing governing mother nature that would prevent this creature from existing.


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