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Trucker's Secret Pact Regarding Bigfoot (Top 10 Trucker Sightings)

Trucker Billy Joe McKay and his pet chimp Bear
"In trucking, there's a secret pact that you simply do not report the bizarre events that the "regular" public will not understand." --Username Trucker Bug on the trucker forum, The Truckers Report

The above quote from The Truckers Report was somewhat in jest and was a response to a conversation thread started by a trucker who was asking if other truckers have witnessed Bigfoot while driving. In fact, he asks what his chances of shooting a Sasquatch are and asks, "Have any of you seen a skunk ape / rock ape / sasquatch / yeti / bigfoot? What do you think my chances are of bagging one these creatures for the long haul home?"

As you can imagine some of the other responses were also less than serious. Another reply was, "First you have to put in your magical 1 year. Then you'll learn the super secret handshake and take the sacred trucker oath. Then and only then you will receive super secret maps of all the super secret places that only WE know. On page 23 of the aforementioned maps you'll find the exact location of Bigfoot, with descriptions on what to use as bait."

All joking aside, some of the most interesting sightings have been witnessed by truckers. A quick search on John Green's Sasquatch Database reveals over a dozen reports. We count down the top ten below.

10. Tractor-Trailer Trasher | 1976 | Maryland
Sgt. George Brooks said that a truck driver wrecked his tractor-trailer swerving to miss an 8 to 9-foot hairy creature that ran in front of him on the Pulaski Hwy. (Rte 40)

9. The Albany Albino | 1959 | Oregon
Unnamed truck driver was driving over a field mear [sic] Dever-Conser (only Dever is on map) when what appeared to be a huge shaggy white gorilla came running alongside the cab and peered in the window at him. As the truck neared a mint distillery the creature turned and disappeared in nearby woods.

8. Maryland Mudbeast | 1973 | Maryland
Truck driver on Rte 32 just outside Sykesville saw a large object by the road. As he approached it stood up. Appeared to be a 7 to 8-foot ape, caked with mud from the waist down.

7. Human-like Hulk | 1959 | Ohio
Truck driver said only that he saw a "hulking creature" climb from the Ohio River onto the shore, "I can't describe it. I've never seen anything like it before." However later that night across the river in Kentucky there was a description of a "huge man-like thing."

6. The Clothesline Creeper | 1978 | Iowa
All reports in rural West Des Moines, at or near Raccoon River. About 4 a.m. Larry W. heard screams from alfalfa field, dogs upset, went outside and heard woof sound that scared him. Went in and from second floor window saw heavy creature, taller than 6'4" clothesline poles, walk ain front of yard light and down the driveway. Arms swinging head high, walked with fluid grace. Called sheriff, and they found tracks in frost 48" apart. One soft spot at gopher hole showed front part of big human foot. A few days later, according to Russ D., there was a report on the news of a truck driver seeing a similar creature in his headlights on the I-80 near the river.

5. Emergency Stop Sasquatch | 1964 | South Carolina
Doug Sipes, camping out with friends, burst into house saying Bigfoot had scared them. A tall, hairy, manlike creature had appeared at their fire "and ran them off." Next day Sue Johnson saw the camp torn up, stuff scattered and torn, strange footprints in dirt. Footprints not described. Between Estill and Hampton, near the Salkehatchie River. A week later there was a story in the Hampton County Guardian saying that a truck driver had reported an emergency stop to avoid hitting a sasquatch on the road. The creature was said to have either banged on the door or jumped onto the hood.

4. 50 Gallon Gorilla |1950's | California
Harold Westlund, Chico, stated that Joe Ely, fire control officer in Menticino National Forest, had investigated an incident where a logging truck driver arriving at the loading area noticed that a 50 gallon drum had been tossed around. He fled, but large humanlike footprints were later found there.

3. Double Driver Detection | 1976 | Montana
Truck driver radioed on CB to truck behind him saying there was some kind of hairy ape in the bush by the road. Driver behind saw it too, said was about 8 feet tall, very heavy looking, very hairy. Location just "near Helena." No information on time of day.

2. I-97 Eye Contact | 1988 | Oregon
R, 37, a truck driver, and D, 233, truck dispatcher, driving North on Hwy 97, in an 18-wheeler, encountered an 8 ft. biped covered with shaggy, brownish-grey hair, walking south in the northbound lane, on the east side of the road. They had heard about it on CB radio a quarter hour earlier, and saw cars in front of them veer around it, so they slowed to 5 miles an hour as they went by, and D made eye contact. Estimated weight 400 t0 500 pounds. It had unbelievably long arms, a longer, taller head than a human, and turned its whole body, not its neck. It appeared calm but possibly confused.

1. Scratching Sasquatch (Clothes Ripper) | 1970 | Florida
Truck driver reported to sheriff's office that he was sleeping in the cab of his truck north of Brooksville when a hairy creature yanked him out and ripped his clothing. Ramona Hibner confirmed that the incident was reported and that the driver was at Lykes Memorial Hospital and was scratched.

We picked the Florida incident as number one because not only did the truck Driver get his clothes ripped off, but he was hospitalized! On top of all of that there was a second witness who confirmed the incident! 


  1. Nice report Guy!Enjoyed that.

  2. This is from Bigfoot Encounters. Papa Bigfoot rescues misbehaving toddler from road while Mama Bigfoot stands next to trucker's cab and strokes the driver's beard.

    1. This one occurred at one of my research areas of many sightings and going back tomorrow!


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