Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stan Gordon and 911 Bigfoot Caller Stick to Opposing Stories

On May 14 Bigfoot Evidence reported of a possible Bigfoot shooting reported over a 911 call:
This is unconfirmed at the moment and we're still trying to figure out what exactly transpired here. According to our source, PBS [Penssylvania Bigfoot Society] is looking into a possible shooting of Bigfoot somewhere in Pennsylvania. "It has been all over the police scanner in the area," our source tells us, but he will not confirm the exact location. SRC: Bigfoot Evidence
Eventually the story unfolded into: An officer responded to the 911 call and found John T. Winesickle, who told him he'd found Bigfoot tracks when out for a walk. The officer accompanied Mr. Winesickle to the tracks, and took pictures of them.

The 911 call was a request to have an officer confirm the tracks and thus confirm Bigfoot. Mr. Winesickles story and Stan Gordon's conclusion are paired in a local Pennsylvania Paper, Daily American,  below.

Daily American Staff Writer

5:37 p.m. EDT, June 1, 2013

PAINT TOWNSHIP — John T. Winesickle is still convinced there's a Sasquatch in his neck of the woods.

Summarily dismissed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Paint Township police and Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, Winesickle said he remains certain that there are at least two — plural — Bigfoot roaming the state game lands near his home.

"He's a giant," the Paint Township man said of the male. Though he's never seen the creatures, Winesickle claims to have heard the Mr. make bassy, guttural sounds.

The Mrs., he said, can be heard "cooing" at times: "I think she's pregnant."

Adamant that his findings are sincere and legitimate, the Paint Township resident doesn't present himself a charlatan. He isn't writing any books and has declined offers to buy his original photographs, which depict large, ambiguous footprints in the mud.

Authorities, however, have said the tracks most likely belong to the big black bear commonly known to roam in this area.

Winesickle grabbed international headlines earlier this month after calling the game commission May 14 to report Bigfoot evidence. He was referred to police, and the overheard 911 dispatch fueled several rumors, including the tale that a turkey hunter had shot and killed an alleged Sasquatch near the city of Altoona in Blair County.

The story as told by Winesickle, however, is that these large tracks have been spotted throughout the forested area he has frequented since moving from Bedford County to Paint Township nearly two years ago. The retired septuagenarian said he walks through the woods for hours every day to stay healthy, as he has heart problems and recently suffered a stroke.

He unflinchingly defends his findings as evidence: a true believer.
"(The game commission) doesn't want anything to do with this," he said.

Winesickle's 911 call was not the first time Bigfoot reports were made in Somerset County. According to archives, another Paint Township incident supposedly occurred in 1980.

The website states that two young men were in the woods less than a mile from Seanor Road when they saw a large dark-colored figure emerge from the opposite tree line 300 yards away. They reported that it had a "fast gate (sic) and . . . long arms which hung below it's (sic) knees." It was allegedly 7-8 feet tall and covered in fur.

A more recent report was made April 18, 2010, near Stoughton Lake in Jennerstown. The website states that two teenage boys were searching for turkeys when a 7- or 8-foot-tall bear-like creature walked by. They allegedly shot at it twice with a .12-gauge shotgun and fled.
According to the Bigfoot society, the teenagers said that the creature had dark reddish-brown hair and that they thought it was probably a bear.

Longtime UFO and paranormal investigator Stan Gordon of Kecksburg said Winesickle's recent Paint Township report is overblown and insubstantial.

"There have been some very legitimate reports," Gordon said. "But this particular case, we're pretty certain, is solved." SRC: Daily American


  1. John your the man you call the authorities and show them the prints. Then the rest of the gang takes over, covers up your experiance as it was probably a bear. The game commission, the police, the 911 dispatch and the fake sasquatch disinformant are now the proof needed; to us lucky one who have witnesserd this grand creature, showing there are authorities willing to lie and distribute false information. No wonder witnesses usually don't call the badged trolls.

    1. So every small town cop is part of some grand conspiracy? Yeah, OK I guess.

      John should learn to cast some prints or contact someone who will and take them to where he has had encounters. Police don't investigate animal sighting unless there is criminal activity involved or the animal is doing something obviously threatening to the people around it.

      A last observation. The Big Foot community needs to disassociate itself from "Paranormal" investigators. Big Foot are not ghost, or space aliens. They are an animal that is undescribed by science. There is nothing anymore supernatural about them there is about deer, coyote or owls in the forest.

    2. No not all small town officers are part of some grand conspiracy. The move is to silence or belittle the sighter. Fai Mao your icon is not normal does that make you paranormal. The bigfoot or sasquatch is not normal either. Sure it may be hard for many to believe there is a cover up or conspiracy; yet, just because many don't believe doesn't mean they don't exist. Scientists are usually hidden in their square boxes and I'd guess too scared to deal with this so called paranormal being or real subject.


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