Monday, June 17, 2013

Malaysians Panic Over 200 Bigfoot Prints

No recent photos of recent Malaysian track find. This Pic is from Cryptomundo circa 2007.
“Based on the footprints, we can assume that the creature has two legs and weighs more than 100kg (approx. 220 lbs)” --Adnan Pungut, Local Malaysian

A recent sighting of 200 foot prints is causing a stir in Malaysia. The Malaysian Bigfoot is known as the Orang Lenggor or Lenggor Man. In 2006, Tay Teng Hwa, the Johor Wildlife Protection Society secretary, described the creatures as, "between 10 and 12 feet tall while their children were six to seven footers. Seventy per cent of the Orang Lenggor have a human appearance but the rest resemble apes."

In a local Malaysian paper, The Star Online, an article describes a man discovering a series of footprints and disturbing villagers. Read the article below.

ABOUT 200 Bigfoot-like footprints have been discovered near Kampung Kepis Baru, Kuala Pilah, causing panic among villagers, reported Harian Metro.

Adnan Pungut, 48, claimed he discovered the footprints when he was clearing rubbish and wood at his rubber estate at 3pm on Saturday.

“I immediately informed the others because I was scared. I told the other villagers and all of us went back to the area.

“We found 200 footprints that were about the same size and tried to follow them,” he was quoted as saying.

“Based on the footprints, we can assume that the creature has two legs and weighs more than 100kg,” he said.

According to Adnan, further checks by villagers found that the creature could be headed towards a nearby forest.

The report stated that the villagers decided not to pursue the creature as they were afraid.

“We will let the authorities handle it as the animal could be endangered,” Adnan said.

SRC: The Star Online
For further reading on the Orang Lenggor, there's an extensive article at UFO Digest covering Malaysia's history of sightings. For something slightly more recent you can check out Loren Coleman's 2007 post New Malaysian Bigfoot Tracks!


  1. I have seen the footprints on a Malaysian language website and they appear to be those of a Javan rhino. There is no heel impression at all.

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