Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bill Munns at Falcon Project Symposium

Bill Munns has analyzed the famous Patterson/Gimlin Film (PGF) footage of a Bigfoot walking near a creek bed in California.

As the designer of the Creature of the Black Lagoon, he is an expert in costume design. He has also been a consultant for 3D software design, which requires knowledge of how cameras work in order to duplicate authentic looking rendered results produced by multiple types of cameras and camera settings.

Mr.Munns has investigated the PGF footage from multiple angles; lens size, film speed, evidence of splicing and editing, camera distance, and has created the definitive analysis of the film.

During today's presentation he explains how he can conclude with confidence, the PGF cottage has not been edited, because splicing, even in second generation copies always leaves evidence of the splicing.

Another topic discussed is how small the Sasquatch's head is. When creating costumes, it is an additional process. The Sasquatch in the film would have been a subtractive process. Comparing more modern king kong costumes, Munns illustrates how even more current costume technology can still be problematic regarding seams and hair.

It gets really interesting when he talks about breast fluidity.

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