Monday, May 13, 2013

You Can Greenlight Bill Munns Documentary: When Roger Met Patty

Bill Munns is Planning a Full-Length Feature Documentary on the
Patterson/Gimlin Film
Bill Munns is a Hollywood creature designer, 3D computer graphics professional, and arguably the foremost expert on the Patterson/Gimlin film. Bill Munns is campaigning for funds and planning the production of a feature length documentary touting, "the remarkable truth of the Patterson/Gimlin Film, and the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon."

According to Bill Munn's video on IndiGoGo (see below), his goal is to produce something worthy of submitting to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), a/k/a the Oscars. He believes this level of visibility will encourage mainstream media to take notice and raise the bar for intelligent discussion.

At IndieGogo, the crowdsourcing website Bill Munns has chosen, Bill Munns describes the documentary:

The documentary, by it’s vary title, seems to be focused simply on the PGF event, but it will equally give abundant attention to the many other respectful research efforts ongoing today. But an excellent documentary feature tells a story the audience can relate to, and the concept I have chosen is to first take the one most powerful event in Bigfoot/Sasquatch lore and show why, beyond any doubt, it is a real event, and then, with that established, expand the story to the current research efforts, their accomplishments and their challenges as they continue. So the PGF, the event where Roger Patterson met and filmed the entity we call Patty, that is the title centerpiece of this story, and effectively sets up the discussions of current research. So please do not think this project neglects the many fine research endeavors currently ongoing. The PGF focus in the title is simply what in great narrative program structure is referred to as “the hook”, that element which catches the public and mainstream media’s attention and holds on, so they will continue to watch and learn about all the other fine research projects today.

I’ve already got 5 years of concentrated effort in the PGF analysis, some wonderful scientific research that was funded by the Cestone Foundation through the greatly appreciated assistance of Prof. Jef Meldrum, and I’ve got about 15 hours of HD video already accumulated as potential footage for the documentary. So I’m well positioned to reach the goal. But producing a feature documentary that is eligible for Academy Award consideration and festival submission is a major undertaking, and needs some financial support. So that’s what I’m asking for now.
Munns also describes a the documentary approach and a possible second episodic format for perhaps television.

The Documentary Concept

A great documentary tells a story in a focused and concise way, The documentary program concept recognizes that the PGF is the most familiar event in the mind of the general public and media, so the program leads with a definitive summation of why the PGF is real. Then the program branches out to examine the many new technique and new technologies being applied to this elusive entity we call Bigfoot or Sasquatch. I have commitments for interviews with Jeff Meldrum, Brian Brown and the TBRC/TWARC field studies, Bart Cutino and his thermal studies, and The Olympic Project’s remarkably diligent field studies.

Second, the production concept is that researchers, not TV program executives, should control the editing and content decisions. TV Program executives have lost sight of reality and responsible science and can’t resist program eye candy and sensationalism, out of context, over science in context. The story of this remarkably mysterious entity must be told with sincere respect for the real science, the real research, and the real challenges of bringing this entity into a position of biological science recognition. The content decisions and the final edit must be in the hands of researchers. This program will be.

Program Versions

One of the unique aspects of this project is that it recognizes that studies of this topic need different levels of detail and varying presentation times for different audiences, and so the final program result will be set up with four levels of comprehensive information.
Watch the video produced for IndieGoGo crowdfunding site below.

You can get more information at the following sites:
IndieGogo Fundraising Page
Facebook Page When Roger Met Patty
Official Website: When Roger Met Patty

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