Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today in Bigfoot History | May 9th 1851 | Arkansas Paper Reports Wildman Leaping 14 ft at a Time

Simulation of "Wildman" taking a 14 ft. Leap
The terms Bigfoot and Sasquatch are relatively modern terms, at least modern when used among most of us less indigenous folks. Before Bigfoot and Sasquatch there was the Wildman. Often described the same way as the Bigfoots we have come to know and love. The Memphis Enquirer, article dated May 9th, 1851 is a case in point. As you read the the description of hair, foot size and the amazing ability to leap up to 14ft at a time, you get a sense that this is a description familiar to most of us.

Even more interesting to us is the history the Wildman has had in the area, outdoorsmen describing encounters 17 years prior, starting as far back as 1834.

St. Francis Green, Greene and Poinsett Counties, Arkansas

"Wild Man of the Woods"

"During March last, Mr. Hamilton of Greene County, Arkansas, while out hunting with an acquaintance, observed a drove of cattle in a state of apparent alarm, evidently pursued by some dreaded enemy.

Halting for the purpose, they soon discovered as the animals fled by them, that they were followed by an animal bearing the unmistakable likeness of humanity.

He was of gigantic stature, the body being covered with hair and the head with long locks of hair that fairly enveloped his neck and shoulders.

The "wildman," for we must so call him, after looking at them deliberately for a short time, turned and ran away with great speed, leaping from twelve to fourteen feet at a time. His foot prints measured thirteen inches each.

This singular creature has long been known traditionally in St. Francis Green and Poinsett Counties.

Arkansas sportsmen and hunters having described him so long as seventeen years hence.

A planter, indeed, saw him very recently, but withheld his information lest he should not be credited, until the account of Mr. Hamilton and his friend placed the existence of the animal beyond cavil." 

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