Friday, May 24, 2013

Olympic Project: A Masterclass in Bigfooting

(Left to Right: Cliff Barackman, Jeff Wrolson, Derek Randles and Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Photo Courtesy of Lindsay Broughton )

Fan's you know some of the best and most organized research is being lead by Derek Randles through the Olympic Project organization he co-founded.

We have had the fortune of attending two Olympic Project weekend expeditions and each time it is like taking a master class in Bigfooting. Click the following link to read about the March 2013 Olympic Expedition with Cliff Barackman.

Last May continued the momentum with the return of Cliff Barackman and the addition of Dr. Jeff Meldrum!! This was truly a master class in Bigfooting. Dr. Meldrum was approachable as always, and did a novel presentation. It was almost an extended version of his new Sasquatch Field Guide (Folding Pocket Guide)

The expeditions take place in the Olympic Peninsula, the most diverse region you will ever do field research in. In fact we can't resist, we have to say it, "It's squatchy!"

Derek and his team make sure there is plenty of optional activities. Day hikes, night hikes, big groups, small groups. There are even people who stay behind in the main lodge to talk Bigfoot with. 

Icing on the cake? Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman demonstrating how to cast a footprint. 

Cliff Barackman demonstrating casting techniques | Photo courtesy of Derek Randles
Future Dates and Speakers include:
June 7th, 8th, 9th Guest speaker Dr Jeff Meldrum.
July 12th, 13, 14th Guest speaker Dr Jeff Meldrum with Dr Matthew Johnson.

Still time to register for this weekends expedition in the Olympic national forest with the Olympic Project Ridge Walkers Unlimited!! Dr Jeff Meldrum will be in field with us for entire trip. For more info contact Derek Randles at The Olympic Project Website or e-mail

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