Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fundraising Homestretch for Bigfoot Movie Stomping Ground

Stomping Ground illustrated poster by artist Dylan Chudzynski
"Thanks so much to everyone who's watched the video, shared the project, and especially to all those who donated." Dan Reisser, Director/Writer Stomping Ground

With only a few hours to go we should help the post-production of this movie get funded! Watch the video below as Dan Reisser introduces Dan Russo, the FX designer for Stomping Ground. I was lucky enough to see some early designs of the Bigfoot face and was thoroughly impressed, he even took a few of my suggestions.

The video above shows off some of the makeup & FX work done by mad genius Dan Russo at Dizzwork Designs. He oversaw all the makeup & FX on the film, and created some amazing stuff. You'll see a bit of his other work to get a sense of what he's capable of, as well as see a little about a couple of our great rewards.
For $250 you will receive a SIGNED BIGFOOT TRACK PLASTER CAST, made specifically for the film. It's a really cool piece of memorabilia. We recently had our first backer to claim this reward (Thanks so much Dorothy McElwee). Hoping more people claim it so we can make a bunch of casts soon.
For $1000 you will receive a RARE & EXCLUSIVE SIGNED SCULPTURE designed by Dizzwork Designs for the film. We aren't allowed to show off the actual piece yet (it's a bit of a spoiler) but take a look at the video for examples of what it will look like. There's only going to be 10 of these made max... they'll look awesome on your mantel.
So far it seems like the t-shirt (for $100) is a popular item. They will be screen printed by a great local NC company Jubilee Printing. They are soft, comfy, and have a great logo designed by Tim Marklevitz.
We are almost there! Go to Kickstarter now!  We just need a few more dollars and if we go a little over that would be great!!!

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