Tuesday, March 19, 2013

truTV: Top 5 Reasons Bigfoot Will Be Found Soon

Bigfoot doing what Bigfoot does best, tree peaking.
"Which one of these five people will be the one to come up with conclusive proof that Bigfoot exists?" --Norma Lee Jennings, truTV

On the truTV website, Norma Lee Jennings suggests that we are close to finding Bigfoot. So close we can attribute the finders to 5 people/groups. Below are the Top 5 Reasons Bigfoot will be found soon and the reasoning behind the picks--at least according to truTV.

5. Melba Ketchum

What makes Ms. Ketchum’s project unique is the amount of faith she has in her findings. She even submitted her paper to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Unfortunately for the advancement of cryptozoology, “Novel North American Hominins: Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies” was not accepted to any journal.

4. Dr. Jeff Meldrum's Bigfoot Blimp

In order to track the elusive creature and record his actions in his natural environment, Meldrum is looking for $300,000 to fund the purchase of a blimp onto which he intends to attach thermal imaging devices. The blimp will then be launched over the Blue Mountains and other parts of Idaho’s wilderness. Professor Meldrum is eager to find Bigfoot, but won’t believe in its existence until he has conclusive proof.

3. Sharon Lee's Kickstarter Campaign

Lomurno wants to draw attention to the grueling nature of authentic Bigfoot research – when she is in the field, she goes out all day to look for signs of something large in the area. “That [first] night, you do your night surveillance. You can’t get into your tent and go to sleep at 11pm,” she says.


Their website says that one of the best ways to get over the fear of a possible Bigfoot encounter is to look for him in a group. Apparently this strategy has been working, as former participants have testified that they saw footprints or heard calls during their trips. This summer, are some big expeditions is planned for British Columbia that may prove fruitful.

1. Finding Bigfoot

The series Finding Bigfoot has served as a spark for reigniting the popular imagination about Bigfoot’s existence. This show follows the work of renowned BFRO researchers as they travel around the U.S. and across the globe to investigate any cryptid hominid sightings.

It is kind of curious how Norma Lee Jennings came up with this list. As far as we know the Sharon Lee Kickstarter campaign is now defunct. You can read her full explanation at the truTV blog.


  1. Replies
    1. You just made coffee come out my nose.

    2. jeff will be the one conclusive. you cant argue with this guy

  2. Melba should not even be on the list, she is not a researcher at all and has faked results. I know that for a fact, her own people and members of the various labs have stated it.
    Dr. Meldrum will have the best chance of proving Sasquatch, he uses a critical eye when it comes to evidence and uses an understanding of due process to find correct results.

    The B.F.R.O is organized chaos, with many who are not qualified biology field researchers. Once they get a few biologist's in charge of the group, then they will do better (No insult intended)

    Finding Bigfoot is more of a show, but a couple of the researchers are good, Cliff & James do well while Matt assumes to much and Renae is playing the skeptic card to much. It is OK to be skeptical, but hers is more of out right denial, which is not good at all.

  3. My guess is that they were looking for something to fill the list in at five, although it doesn't explain the order. It seems like they overlooked the Sykes study.

  4. I'm sure bigfoot will fly UFO to take out the blimp! :-)

  5. This is the worst list ever, do you know I have had Diarhea since Easters?

  6. I would say "Finding Bigfoot" is "well we're here for a few nights..." sort of show. Any good study will include long term fieldwork. I'm not saying "Finding Bigfoot" is bad, it's just perhaps "here is how we do research". An inspiration, as many local groups have now popped up. Those local groups have the best bet at finding Bigfoot. They know the local terrain and are good at thinking up new techniques. My local group is still doing snow track studies (we're having more snow even as I type this). The thinking goes, if Bigfoot is ever going to leave tracks, it will be in snow. Lots of tracks. Since Bigfoot hunting is not done usually in tough winter conditions the group hopes to have some success. Thousands of foot prints have been photographed and documented, now the slow process of identification and mapping. It's going to be someone innovative, though a blimp might be good if Bigfoot lived in a desert, not sure how a blimp will see through all those trees!

  7. I don't see how Meldrums blimp will be any better than getting one of those 4 prop RC helicopters, and he will save thousands of dollars with the RC heli.

  8. No kidding it won't--his kickstarter reached a grand total of $11,865 in pledges before expiring in January. Their goal was $355,000.

  9. The Three Stooges could do better than most of this lot . . . Cheers!

  10. The real proof will come from an unknown very skilled hunter/trapper. The blimp idea won't work, at all. The Finding Bigfoot team has probably scared all the big foots deeper in the woods. They couldn't find a whore in a whorehouse.

    There will be hordes of people this summer yelling, screaming etc stumbling around calling each other. Because of this stupid show. Matt Moneymaker will make a ton of money, along with the B.F.R.O. I predict 2013, will be the year of the hoaxers and heavy in-fighting among the "Famous" Big foot hunters..

  11. I think the blimp will be quieter and can remain airborne longer than an RC helicopter (which are challenging to operate even in broad daylight away from trees). The blimp will be more stable in the inevitable obstacles, controlled and monitored remotely. It could feasibly also serve as a platform to launch a more agile RC vehicle as needed to more closely inspect a hit, possibly even one able to administer a subdermic tracking device-which would be the ideal way to study the population unharmed.

    DNA studies, even the best of them, which I trust the Oxford one to be, cannot be fully accepted without a type sample to match it with. So while I have high hopes the ground work will be well laid for that day, it won't be enough without that proven-to-come-from-the-species sample.

    I am new to this topic, but I have been wondering about the true intent of some of various field researchers. I've figured out who is who for the most part, and I want to love Cliff and how he does his own field work without a camera crew. I can't wrap my head around his participation on that show. Obviously, yelling in the woods, flashing lights and banging sticks will only serve to spook animals into hiding. But what if that is the intent? The similar idea Ray Wallace used to excuse his hoaxing: let's make sure hunters don't figure out how to find a sasquatch before I do, or more optimistically before science does. Alternative intentions I see possible for the shows format is trying to get more interest in researching sasquatch, hoping money and breakthroughs will follow, or ratings and entertainment...or all of the above. Does anyone know how I can see the show without cable?

  12. I hear Matt Moneymaker never goes into the woods unless there a camera crew.

  13. I have faith in Melba ketchum..because of an interview i saw with Richard Stubstad [ an engineer from the university of berkley ]who died of cancer i beleive last year and the man seemed VERY credible on the results Ketchum came up with[incuding nuclear dna].Why would a credible science journal not want to publish it?...because they refuse to beleive in bigfoot or even look at it with an open mind.If it was standing in front of them they wouldnt beleive it.

    1. I completely agree. Of the 5 listed, I believe that Dr. Ketchum is the one who has come up with conclusive proof.

  14. The Ketchum DNA Study *will* succeed.


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