Thursday, March 14, 2013

Melba Ketchum Creates Thank You Page to Wally and Adrian

Wally Hersom helped fund Melba's DNA study
On a page from her Global Sasquatch Foundation, which has the catchy web address, Melba thanks two of the major funders of her project. The Global Sasquatch Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to protect the indigenous Sasquatch people from threats to their peaceful coexistence alongside us.

Read an excerpt below:

On behalf of its participating research scientists and laboratories, volunteer research groups, individual DNA sample submitters and countless thousands of witnesses now vindicated, the Sasquatch Genome Project wishes to extend our deepest gratitude to Wally Hersom of Henderson, Nevada.

Without his generous financial contributions, this project would not have been successful. His support ensured that the existence of the Sasquatch would not only be proven, but more importantly, they would be recognized as a type of people deserving of our respect and protection from those who would harm them.

This is followed by a short bio of Wally Hersom

The page also thanks Adrian Erickson and a few others:
We also would like to thank Mr. Adrian Erickson of Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada for his generous funding.  The small initial project would not have grown into this study without his generous support. Furthermore, we appreciate the other donors: David Paulides, Robert Densford, Richard Stubstad and Larry Surface. 


  1. David Paulides never gave any money,

  2. This is misleading. They supported the DNA research, not her "foundation."

    1. She's not one for subtlety and nuance. Cheers!

  3. The project was NOT successful. It was a huge waste of Wally's money and the samples.


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