Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jeff Probst Interviews Finding Bigfoot Cast

(James "Bobo" Fay, Ranae Holland, and Cliff Barackman on Jeff Probst Show)
This Thursday (Mar 21st 2013) you will see 3/4ths of the cast from Finding Bigfoot. According to our sources, the conversation gets a little heated when Jeff Probst pushes back against the cast regarding lack of Bigfoot proof.

A blurb from the Website is below:
James "Bobo" Fay, Cliff Barackman and Ranae Holland, stars of the hit Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot," talk to Jeff about their quest to find one of the world's most mysterious creatures. They share some of the greatest adventures they've had looking for Bigfoot around the world, react to criticism from skeptics, and teach Jeff some of their favorite Bigfoot tracking techniques. Plus, special guest Yvette Nicole Brown (NBC's "Community") joins Jeff for a chat.  And, two contestants try to distinguish truth from lies in the game "Who's Right?"
SRC: The Jeff Probst Show

In case you work during the day, you can watch full episodes after they air here.

UPDATE: The Jeff Probst Show provided Bigfoot Lunch Club  with a teaser trailer for Thursday's Finding Bigfoot clip.


  1. This is awesome news Guy. :)

  2. Jeff You can't interview!!

    Let the guy answer your questions before you attack.

  3. first id like to commend the team for thier efforts , but , the reason why im wasting my time even commenting is because i do believe there is something out there that we havnt found . so in light of that id really like for someone to come up with the proof . but i have to tell these researchers that thier methods will never render any results better than the ones they have all ready gotten .first id like to ask a question , if you are out hunting any type of big game , in your opinion what would be the number one rule to finding what your hunting ? thats simple , #1 be QUITE now theres a number of rules and protocals to be followed . and they are as follows #2 be unseen #3 be still #4 cover own scent #5 be patient .you dont hunt any type animal by holloring and beating on trees and being seen .

  4. sorry ran out of room on first post lol . if you want proof ,just one of you camo up put on some deer scent , take a tree stand out in a place of multipal sitings and set up ur tree stand very QUITLY and as fast as you can leave . then one week later go get you a rack of ribs from the grocery store cover it in deer scent camo back up and scent urself and go in the middle of the day t ur stand . place the ribs in clear site of ur stand , climb up and wait . dont smoke and take and eat only things that make no noise . be willing to stay acouple of nights . i promise you will get what ur lookin for

  5. lol still not done lol its my belief these creatures are day sleepers and that they are communal meaning they live in groups .i believe they sleep in the middle of the day when its warm and hunt and forage early in the mornings and late at night . i also believe they have what i call a day watcher , that watches over the rest of the group while they sleep . these creatures are very smart almost to the point of being human , they know thier surroundings and the animals that cohabitate with them .so there you go . get ur tail out there and find the proof . dont make me go out there myself and steal ur thunder lol

    1. I am a low-key,quiet Bigfoot researcher. Not famous don't want to be. I tell no one what I am really doing. Over the years using sound hunting methods, I have had numerous sightings. (1) You are correct about their "Day watchers" they watch all human made trails and logging roads. Most humans are spotted before they get 3 feet in the woods. (2) They are very active DURING THE DAY! especially from 11 a.m-4 p.m. Night hunting/looking is a waste of time. I seen 2 types of them. One type more human looking, the other type more ape like. Almost all the methods currently used by "Big footers" are wrong. This Finding Bigfoot show is a joke. These idiots couldn't find a squirrel! I can tell none of this "Team" has ever sighted one, even though they said they did. Cause if they did, they certainly wouldn't use their stupid methods


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