Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Author Kirk Sigurdson on Radio Show Inspired by Bigfoot

Acclaimed author Kirk Sigurdson is currently working on publishing a new Bigfoot  book
"I don't really care for the term conspiracy theory, I prefer something more descriptive like selective history or bernysian-style propaganda" --Kirk Sigurdson

At 5pm/8pm PST/EST Bill Baum of Inspired by Bigfoot Radio show will interview one of the most thought provoking voices in Bigfooting.

Kirk has been involved in two Bigfoot documentaries. One is a 20 minute short about a squatchy area he has coined as Kultus (see video below). The other documentary is available as a bonus feature to the true-to-life Bigfoot movie Letters From The Big Man.

Kirk Sigurdson is also known for his highly acclaimed book, Cowslip, and his much anticipated Bigfoot book titled, Kultus. His writings have also appeared in The Portland Review and Lovecraft Studies. he lives in Portland, Or, where he teaches writing. To top it all off Kirk holds a Master's degree in English literature from NYU.

Listening to Kirk is like chasing the white rabbit in Wonderland. And like Alice, even though you may have never heard or seen what you meet in Wonderland, you will not be able to deny what is revealed in front of your face. Most would consider the topics Kirk speaks to as "conspiracy theories," but as he prefers, a more accurate label would be hidden histories. What will Kirk Sigurdson reveal on Bill Baum's show, you'll have to tune in to find out. Click the following link to listen to Kirk on "Inspired by Bigfoot Radio"

Watch the Kultus documentary below.


  1. Never heard of this guy!

    1. You heard it here first!! Stay tuned--you will be hearing a lot more from him.

  2. Thanks for posting this Guy.


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