Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cliff Barackman Presenting in Vancouver Washington

Testing the live blog from my iPhone. Cliff starts the presentation with the difference between "Evidence" vs. "Proof".

This room is at full capacity. Tables are full and probably over a hundred people standing.

Cliff gets huge cheers for announcing he is on the no-kill side of the debate.


  1. Loads of respect for Barackman, one of the 'good' guys in this investigation. That said, the only way bigfoot will gain entry into the book of life is via type specimens(yes, it may very take more than one . . .). DNA studies will certainly add weight to the investigation but in and of themselves they don't "prove" anything. There aren't any shortcuts in bridging the chasm 'twixt belief and reality. Cheers!

  2. Ill say it again,,Cliff rules. Lol. Seriously,as far as methods,practicality, and BF know how,there's not many like Cliff. He's an inspiration to a lot of future BFers as well,IMO,because he proves some of us out chasing "legends" (we know better lol) are not as drama and hoax oriented as a few bad apples(constantly making news for getting busted in their lame hoaxing : ( ) makes us all look to be. We need more Cliffs. And we need more,well,fill in the blanks here. There are so many brilliant people in this community,and if we put aside a little,maybe a lot more could be accomplished. Thanks Guy!, awesome article!!

  3. Enough about Linus and his tales of long nights in the pumpkin patch, already--unless he or you has anything new to say about Ketchum. I've got my lunch, I'm waiting...

  4. Most hunters I know, will shoot a Bigfoot, period. They all say they would not hesitate. I am a hunter also, and I would not shoot for fear of hitting a human in a costume. However, I am in the minority. It doesn't matter what Bigfoot hunters say, more real hunters don't even watch their show and they will shoot. In fact, unless the laws protecting Bigfoot are quite severe, who wouldn't shoot for fame and the chance to finally prove Bigfoot is real? If it's just a fine, well a Bigfoot corpse is worth millions! Prison time? Hunting laws aren't that restrictive. In a way we NEED a corpse, to be fully studied to show it truly is part human, for it to be protected. half baked DNA isn't enough.

    1. Cheers Kitty! You're spot on that bodies are required for "proof", but there's the dilemma. I, for one, couldn't pull the trigger because, as you rightly pointed out, what if the 'target' is indeed a hoaxer . . ? So many claims of biggy being shot somewhere by someone but still no body . . . Ah well. Cheers!

  5. I have a very good friend that lives, breathes hunting. However, he is not a "Sportsman type". He kills for the love of killing. I had to stop hunting with him because of this. Recently after many years, I ran into him and recounted old hunting stories. Some how the subject of "Bigfoots' came up. He said he would kill one instantly if he saw one. Not for the money or fame, but just be known as the one who killed one. Relunctly, I agreed to go deer hunting with him. We seperated and after 3 hours we met up again. He was vistibily upset! He said at daylight,a huge 7-8' bigfoot appeared, he put the scope on it's ear. But could not shoot. From that day forward, he has never hunted again.

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  7. You're spot on of which systems are needed pertaining to "proof", nevertheless there is certainly the challenge. My partner and i, for just one, wouldn't pull the lead to because, how to buy yacon syrup as you appropriately brought up, suppose the 'target' is indeed a hoaxer..? So many claims connected with biggy currently being picture somewhere simply by a person but nevertheless simply no physique.


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