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Today in Bigfoot History | JAN 18, 1999 | East Indian Forced to Nurse on Mande Burung

Most mammals produce Milk. Why wouldn't the Mande Burung
Today, January 18th, 1999, East Indian villagers reported a story about the Mande Burung, the Indian version of Bigfoot. While there had been many sightings of the Mande Burung, on this particular day the villagers witnessed something quite extraordinary. On this particular day they witnessed a man captured by a Mande Burung and forced to nurse on it's breast.

This story was printed among others by the Press Trust of India in 2008 describing the continuing exploration of the Mande Burung. You can read the article below:

Shillong, Jul 24, 2008 (PTI) -- Environmental activists and social organizations continue their search to ascertain whether or not the elusive "ape-like" and "phenomenally strong" creature which locals claim has been sighted several times in the densely populated Garo hills of Meghalaya, really exists.

Known as 'Mande Burung' (jungle man) the creature, locals claim, is around 10 feet tall and weighs at least 300 kgs and is somewhat like the Yeti found in Nepal's Himalayan region.

For the past several years now enthusiasts from the Achik Tourism Society say they have been venturing into the hill's deep jungles to find out whether or not the animal really exists and not just another figment of imagination.

However, those who have seen the 'Mande Burung' have many interesting stories to tell. It was reported on January 18, 1999 by villagers that a man passing through a forest was captured by this mammal, which then forced him to feed on its breast. The victim's account said, "The milk was sour with a mixture of bitterness".

On July 2005, a woman recounted that "a big hairy creature" entered her thatched hut while she was asleep with her child. She described the animal that she saw in the light of firewood, as "enormous" and "one who stamped out the fire before disappearing in the darkness." The woman was unharmed, the reports said.

While local forest officials carried out futile investigations into the incidents, Principle Chief Conservator of Forests VK Nautiyal told PTI, "There may be some unexplored zoological species like some type of spiders...But definitely not a humanoid. There is no scientific basis or credible evidence as of now about such a humanoid."
Of course we have the Mande Burung on our a/k/a Interactive Bigfoot World Map, you can read up on the Bigfoot variant below.

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  1. The Mande Burung is very safety conscious that fire could have spread.


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