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Today in Bigfoot History | JAN 16, 2002 | Prints Found Near Skinny Bigfoot Sighting

Photograph of a possible track found by Ray Crowe Near Skinny Bigfoot Sighting
"very, very skinny, 9 foot tall, hairy man" --Linda Boydson's description of what she saw on January 9th and later reported on January 16th.

Today, January 16th, 2002, Wireless Flash Weird News reports a sighting of a "skinny" Bigfoot standing in the middle of the freeway:
Wireless Flash Weird News: January 16, 2002

Bony Bigfoot Almost Street-Meat

MULTNOMAH FALLS, Ore. (Wireless Flash) -

An Idaho family recently had a run-in with a Bigfoot that almost turned into a run-over - as in road kill. Linda Boydson claims she and her son came within inches of running over an unusually-thin Bigfoot while driving near Multnomah Fall, Oregon. Boydson says she was zooming around a corner on the freeway late one night and saw a "very, very skinny, 9 foot tall, hairy man" standing in the slow lane. She barely missed hitting the creature - probably because it was so skinny. However, despite being super-thin, Boydson doesn't think the Sasquatch was bulimic because it looked as muscular as a well-toned athlete. However, Boydson admits her first thought when she saw how bony the Bigfoot looked was "Go eat something, Sasquatch!"

In the January 2002 Track Record, issue #113, Ray Crow of the International Bigfoot Society wrote about the investigation he and Thom Powell did. You can read the report below.

Multnomah County, Oregon
January 9th, 2002
On 1-84, westbound lane, about 3-4 miles west of Multnomah Falls, between, mile markers 26 and 27. Driving 65-70 mph, when the 7-8 foot tall creature was seen by Jason Boydston, and his mother Linda, who was driving, at 9:15 PM.

Creature crossed in front of car toward railing on freeway to the right, as if it was heading toward the Columbia River.

She nearly hit it, missing by two feet. It was dark and overcast when the creature crossed swiftly, swinging its arms.

It had broad shoulders, skinny waist, and was completely covered in dark brown hair, and had a rounded, dome shaped head.

On January 13th myself (Ray Crowe) and wife Theata investigated the area at milepost 28, where there was a place along the freeway to park the car. Underneath an overpass there was access to the Columbia River and I did a brief survey.

Four tracks were found, one filled with silt as if the tide had receded (tides recorded upstream as far as Beacon Rock by Lewis and Clark in 1804), another seven inch impression was photographed three feet away. It was one and a quarter inches deep, and appeared to have killed plant growth.

Another three feet away, a skidded track was noted that also killed plant life.

A fourth possible track, more of a mark, was noted another three feet away. All appeared to be coming from the river and following the bank eastward.

As I walked the riverbank, Theata made a car count, noting there were about 18 vehicles a minute westbound at 3:00 pm along this busy section of the freeway on Sunday afternoon.

At 9:15 pm on a Wednesday weeknight traffic has been somewhat lighter. Even at 3 pm...there were occasional breaks in traffic when I might have crossed the freeway walking rapidly.
UPDATE: In the comments below, Author Thom Powell mentioned there are more details about this story to be found in his popular  book, "The Locals." We wanted to make sure you knew where to get your signed copies of this book at!

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  1. I remember that event like it was yesterday. We decided the sasquatch were crossing the Columbia river under cover of darkness, then scrambling acroos the freeway (I-84) which parallels the river, to get to the wilderness of the Mt. Hood National Forest. A more lengthy treatment of this event can be found in Chapter 3 of 'The Locals'. Thanks to the BLC team for the 'shout out'.

    1. would that be the same freeway terry reams had his encounter??

  2. Thanks Thom! For those few that do not have their own copy of 'The Locals' I provided a link to where fans can get signed copies. I'm grabbing my own copy off the shelf to read chapter 3 right now!

  3. What a cool sighting and investigation. This makes me more excited to travel to Oregon next week. Well this and it will be warmer than where I am now.

  4. Hi, I am Jason Boydston, my mom and I were the ones that had this sighting. I just stumbled upon your site while looking up our story. I remember talking with Thom on the phone within 20 minutes of almost running over Sasquatch. I think at the time it was the quickest sighting and reporting that Thom had.

    1. Hello Jason and Thom, I remember it clearly to this day. Had we had a dash cam like they do in Russia, mounted on most vehicles in Russia, we would of had something great to share. If one is traveling the Columbia region mount a dash cam for your own purpose of travel safety and of course Bigfoot documentation. Its still is exciting to talk about what we saw that night. Thanks everyone, especially Thom for your investigation. Linda Boydston

    2. One more (big) thought about the print photograph above. The lanky tall frame of the Bigfoot seen was probably that of teenager or young adult suggesting a footprint markings of something larger than 7 inches. So with that premise the 7 inch track indicates a family group active in the area that night of our I-84 siting. Younger family members are not bold at all, and are trained or instinctively stay under deeper cover, than being on I-84. Our adolescent sighting (7-8 feet tall)was caught on I-84 by us, froze by instinct until we passed, and then made stealthy movements back over the rail to protect him and his family hiding on the river side of I-84. His print should have been in the 15-18 inch range. However investigation documented a small child print (photo) in the following days.


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