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Thom Powell: Bigfoot Too Smart for a Blimp

Thom Powell Looking up at Bigfoot Blimp
"I'm not saying it might not work in other places with less forest canopy, but I would emphatically advise my good friends at the Falcon Project to not waste their precious time and blimp gas over the forests of western Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, or even northern California." -- Thom Powell

Thom Powell is one of the most prophetic authors in Bigfooting. When he published The Locals ten years ago he touched upon topics that were once taboo and now up for reconsideration. His newest book Shady Neighbors has already produced insight into Bigfoot behavior using the vehicle of fiction. If you buy the books now, in ten years, when the only thing we have is Bigfoot DNA, you will at least have The Locals to help guide you on Bigfoot behavior.

Thom's prophetic tendencies, does not come tea leaves, but comes from being a pioneer. He was one of the first Bigfooters to create a network of surveillance cameras back in the 1990's. This was back when you ordered the camera and built it yourself from a kit.

In his newest post Thom Powell speaks highly of the Falcon Project team and wishes them success. Thom also expresses concerns based on his experience with cameras, radio controlled planes, and flying over some the squatchiest areas in the northwest.

Below are a few quotes from Thom's Post
Speaking as a guy who has spent a whole lot of time 'squatching' in forests of the Pacific Northwest, I'm pretty sure the favored habitat of the creatures in question is dense forest. What good is any aircraft in finding anything under the canopy of dense forest? 
Maybe Texas, or parts of Idaho have a more broken forest canopy that would allow them to see the ground.  Fine. Concentrate on those areas, but forget about forested terrain. Period. 
Based on my own crude field experiments, I concluded that sasquatch intelligence was at least as great as ours. In my field experiemnts, the sasquatch  had demonstrated (to my satisfaction) the ability to generate infrasound, to disable electronics, including cameras, from a distance, to somehow cloak their presence,
You have to read the Thom's fascinating post for yourself at his website If you disagree? Leave Thom a comment, he is always eager to here the other side. Click the following link to read Thom's post titled, "Finding a Bigfoot by Blimp, Really?"


  1. Tom Powell is a smart guy. I may not always agree with him on what bf is... I do tend to agree with him here. I think the project has many benefits but I don't think it has any definite edge over other techniques. However it will certainly produce some new and interesting results and we can always use more data. I wish them tons of success as well.

  2. Long wave infrared imagers are very good these days. Spectre and Predator sensors would find 500+ pound mammals in any forest. Persistent ISR won OIF and has crippled the enemy in Afghanistan. The Falcon has a chance, if the ISR package is top notch, and if sasquatch exist...

  3. Short version? "They won't find anything, and I should know: I've failed to find any proof for the past 30 years, in almost every imaginable way." Personally, starting your search in the NW seems like the only sensible way to go. It's the only place I believe Bigfoot might actually exist.

  4. Many successful projects would have never gotten off the ground; if the innovators involved had argued for their own limitations. Argue for your limits, and they are yours. In a nut shell, you simply can not *predict* if this project is going to work or not, until someone tries it. Tom is basing his opinion, that this tech will not work; on observations and conclusions he has come too; that might not necessary be *facts*. No one has established these creatures are even real yet; so to claim they can disable cameras or mind speak or turn invisible without providing any evidence, to support such claims; is a waste of time. I fully support Dr. Jeff Meldrum and think it is about time people attempted new ideas and methods. For many years people claimed human flight was impossible. If we had listened to the naysayers, we'd still be living in the stone age. Real science is based upon, facts, not opinions.

    1. ^1up SWP, If they are to be successful, then they need to look in the most likely place to find a Bigfoot. That is the NW. More sightings, larger forests. The heat signature of a 8 foot, 500lb mammal would be detectable with advanced IFR, regardless of the density of the canopy. Also the forest of the NW are not the kind of canopy you would see in the Amazon for instance. So it is not as if there is no break in the foliage to see the ground. Also the whole point of a blimp instead of a prop powered drone is the ambush factor. If it is silent then they should not be able to detect it coming, or hide. Unless they are magical beings. Then why even try to look in the first place. They would be undetectable unless they wanted to be seen. Please don't think I mean to insult, I only mean to say, don't sell them short. I think that the Falcon Project could be effective in almost any American terrain.

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  6. Re: young Snow Walker's opinion,

    Any body can make an intelligent prediction based on their own experience. No license is required. Whether that prediction comes true is a different matter.

    The people involved in the project apparently have no experience. I predict that they soon will have. I also predict that they will then know that they have failed due to their very limited budget. I further predict that they will make statements to the effect that if they could afford the $35 million for a military grade drone, that only then could they accomplish the task at hand. And lastly I predict that is where this blimp project will all end.

    People have established that they are real. You just don't know them. "Established" is a pretty vague condition.

    I have had two cameras temporarily disabled simultaneously. I have had electronic voltage regulators unexplanably reregulated to make unusual sounds, on several occasions while in the field. I have had objects disappear from my pocket, only to reappear in a pocket of an unused coat at another location. So keep careful track of your car keys and always have a spare, when out in the forest. I concur with every little tidbit that Thom P has put forth because I too have experienced that and more. But proving it to someone else would be virtually impossible for a variety of reasons that I will not attempt to go into here. So we can't play the "prove it" game.

    Dr. Meldrum hangs onto the flesh and blood explanation, and may only now be shifting from the "animal" to the "people" explanation. He is slow to change his position, most likely due to his inexperience in the field. Footprint casts don't tell you much about intelligence, language, habits, hobbies, etc. Realtime action filled field experience is not an easy thing to come by, especially when your blowing off all the sounds you hear and focusing on "seeing" something like virtually all researchers do.

    This Blimp project amounts to a trick. Bigfoot is good at games but they don't like us to play tricks on them in order to document their existence. Dr. Meldrum will gain far more experience by not attempting any tricks. He simply can pull up a comfortable chair in the forest, and just listen with some spy grade sound equipment that is far better than the bionic ear. Whereupon, I predict that he will discover that no matter where he goes in the forest, that he is surrounded by footstep noises from dozens of forest people of all sizes. I further predict that he won't be able to photograph them, because he won't even be able to see them. Which is incompatible with the scientific theories that he is seeking to prove. This is also grossly incompatible with the 6000 population figure that he has stated on numerous occasions. And lastly I predict that Dr. Meldrum will then be so baffled that he will be unable to put forth a reasonable explanation for any of his field experience that he just now obtained.

  7. Good luck to them...I'm not holding much hope though. I spent a few years working with Aerostats (blimps) in the military. They're temperamental and expensive. If lucky they'll get blobdots. Lightning is the big danger to blimps. They do make noise...If they're looking for an ape..they need to go to Africa. Thom's correct the Forest people will catch on in a hurry...and take off once they detect a camera.

  8. I think they have a shot. I wouldn't place any substantial level of confidence in it, but there is a small chance this could work and I like the professionalism here. -LP

  9. The thermal imaging cameras that they plan to use won't have any difficulty penetrating the tree canopy from above and getting good images. They aren't using the $2,000-$3,000 hobbyist models, but rather something as powerful as military and police use for aerial search and recon. They aren't trying to photograph Sasquatches, but rather gather info about them & find general locations & patterns. Most of the issues that Thom brought up, besides his opinions about Sasquatches themselves, are things that anyone would have to work out before launching such a project. In fact, the FAA would REQUIRE that all of the issues he brought up about the blimp be resolved, submitted, and approved before it ever leaves the ground. You can't just build something & fly, too much can go wrong (air collisions, safety issues with the vehicle itself, power line & tower issues, etc.). You have to submit a flight plan, including elevation, so they can make sure you & everyone else that is in the air is safe.

  10. we have done our research with the FAA, we are good there, the ground research has been done over the past 50 plus years with little to show? I spent almost 5 plus year in the woods mining, what I found was you can only see so far from the ground, with a lot of luck you may have a sighting like I had, this is all there is left is searching from the air, not from the tree tops, from 2000 to 4000 feet up, an yes you better have the best camera you can get, we did that too! our project is sound, n o one has ever done anything like this, an like the guy said you never know till you try it, we are playing the odds game, we can cover more ground with very little sound (we have no props) than what 100 or more people can do in one night, you know what it takes just one person to cover 1sq mile an not make a sound at night,we can do 20 to 30sq miles a night, so if you guys out there think we are missing something, my phone # an email is on my website( William Barnes (Founder)

  11. Make no mistake, William, I wish you unprecedented success with this bold venture!


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