Saturday, December 8, 2012

Judge Reinhold is Producing a Bigfoot Movie about Ray Wallace

Judge Reinhold announced he will produce a
Bigfoot movie about Bigfoot prnkster Ray Wallace

"It makes me laugh…When we read on the front page of The New York Times about this guy who pretended to be Bigfoot for 40 years and got away with it..." -- Judge Reinhold

In a USA Today article Judge Rheinhold,  known for his iconic roles in films like Beverly Hills Cop and Fast Times at Ridgemont High announced a project he is producing based on the Bigfoot prankster Ray Wallace.
 It is short teaser, but interesting none the less.

Judge Rheinhold references the New York Times Article published published: January 03, 2003 and  written by Tinothy Egan. The article is summed by Wikipedia.
...where, upon Wallace's death, his son Michael revealed that Wallace was in possession of large wooden feet. According to Wallace's family, Ray's brother Wilbur Wallace and nephew Mack McKinnley used these wooden feet to stamp imprints around northern California as a prank. src: wiki
We checked the Internet Movie Database for more clues, as they usually have movie information on projects long before production even starts. There was nothing. The only source and information is in the USA Today article. We have all the Bigfoot excerpts below.
Reinhold and his wife are expecting their first child in January, he's hell-bent on helping our returning veterans, and he's extremely passionate about his new producing project – the hilarious and fascinating real life story of Bigfoot hoax artist Ray Wallace.

Let's talk about your cool new project that you have in the works. What can you tell me about Bigfoot?

It makes me laugh…When we read on the front page of The New York Times about this guy who pretended to be Bigfoot for 40 years and got away with it, and in doing, almost single handedly saved the economy of his little town – it's not an option not to make that story. It's like not an option for me. If they bury me with the scripts, with different re-writes, then so be it. But that's the one I'm climbing up the hill for…I think the Bigfoot thing is played out, but this story isn't. This story is the story behind the story.
SRC: USA Today


  1. Wow, as a bf movie guy... I'm excited to see all this top notch content beginning to emerge.

    1. I think it is an interesting take on the whole phenomena. I wish I knew if it was going to be more of a biopic or a documentary.

    2. Probably self funded and being directed by an actor, I tend to think doc, specially since its not on IMDB.

    3. That makes sense. I'm hoping it is done from a complete outsider's perspective, even if some of the material seems pedestrian by our standards.

      We already know how we feel about all this, I'm always looking forward to a new take.

    4. for the record, I am almost certain this movie will anger most of us.

  2. Yeah, this is going to make us all look like hoaxers or idiots.

    1. Yeah, it should as guess what, chasing ghosts does not make it real.

  3. My friend,,anger may be an understatement. Lol. Although we can hope to be surprised. It could turn out to be a doc about a man while perpetrating a joke,,to him,,hoax to us,,ends up only helping the big guys(and big gals) exposure. Well. Ok. That may be hoping for to much. Sorry. I am however making a supreme effort to be more positive.

  4. Not sure there is much to fear here. If this project ever does see the light of day Reinhold's recent track record will ensure it's no more than a C movie at best.


  5. you mean "D" movie at best! excuse the language guy, but Reinhold is a GODDAMN FOOL if he thinks wallace was responsible for the bigfoot phenomenon.. its impossible and his movie shouldn't be given the time of day by any believer or "knower," being that i have seen one with my own two eyes in 1983..


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