Monday, December 10, 2012

Bigfoot Sightings in the Navajo Nation

J.C. Johnson, left, and Leonard Dan, right, inspect a chunk of watermelon that might have been clawed or bitten by Bigfoot before they found it in the road Saturday in Upper Fruitland. (Jenny Kane)
“I had more reports of Centaurs than Bigfoot this spring,” -- J.C. Johnson

The Navajo Nation covers 27,425 square miles, occupying portions of northeastern Arizona, southeastern Utah, and northwestern New Mexico. Recently a report was filed from New Mexico and published in 

Access to the oral traditions of Native Americans has long been coveted by Bigfooters, often Bigfoot tales are as elusive as the creature itself due to the spiritual relationship the Native Americans have with the phenomena. 

In recent years, there have been more Native Americans willing to speak about Bigfoot, in fact according to this new report, they are seeing many cryptids creatures that may be considered fantasy by some.

Below is a short portion of Jenny Kane's article for Farmington Daily news. 

By Jenny Kane

Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON, N.M. — A smashed watermelon is spread out in the middle of a dirt road in Upper Fruitland, a community where everything from giant pterodactyls to walking lizards to furry children has been reported.

The watermelon happens to be for Bigfoot, another one of the inhabitants of the bucolic town on the outskirts of the Navajo reservation.

“My grandma left it for him,” says Felicia Frank, who lives nearby. “I said, `Grandma, you’re feeding Bigfoot?’”

Down the road, Frank points out where several people have sighted the legendary, hairy being, along with other odd species.

“Things like this happen all the time on the rez,” she says, noting that it is not just in Upper Fruitland that these extraordinary sightings occur.

It's just a matter of getting people to talk about it.

Driving though the Navajo reservation, no one would know the vast tribal land is thought by cryptozoologists to be home to so many outlandish species.

“Navajo stories go way back, for years,” said Leonard Dan, a self-proclaimed cryptozoologist, someone who studies animals thought to be extinct.

“There have been sightings of Pegasus, and of Griffins,” Dan said, referring to two creatures thought by most to come from Greek mythology.

Recently, an unusual number of people on the reservation also have spotted Centaurs, another animal of Greek mythology that is human on top and equine on the bottom.

“I had more reports of Centaurs than Bigfoot this spring,” said J.C. Johnson, Dan's partner and fellow self-proclaimed cryptozoologist.

Src: The Daily Times

There's more to this article that covers some of the stranger cryptids.  


  1. J.C. Johnson is one of the best, maybe THE best field man in the Southwest. Great piece, Guy, on this dedicated field man. Keep up the great work, J.C.

    1. I disagree. All his research is based on bullshitting, stealing other's info for his own use and sitting on a computer for hours on end. He doesn't work, sponges on other's resources to accomplish things and is downright rude, cutting people off in conversation too. Listen to his one of many interviews, and 99% is all based on ridiculous assumptions, fueled by drugs, alcohol or both. Fraudulent man.

  2. I'd like to see Kevin Sorbo guest star on a special episode of Finding Centaur.

    Really, this seems quite a blow to the old argument about the veracity of ancient mythology. Especially when, as on this past episode of Finding Bigfoot, searchers selectively ignore other aspects of Native belief, such as the need to enter the woods QUIETLY and patiently.

  3. call team taterhole

  4. you are never going to find the truth about bigfoot. you're lookin the wrong way. of course you already know that, if you find bigfoot there wont be any more publicity. or.....maybe the do gooders will get hold of it and want to some charity work on them. he's there you just aren't going to find him.....

  5. there are many creatures running around in the dark, that's why grandmas say don't look out windows at night, or cry and make a lot of loud noises at night, and don't run around at NIGHT. Its always a good idea to stay indoors after dark, especially if you live near the river. San Juan river have a lot of stories linked to it, like on those small islands in the middle of the river have bigfoot shelters, and small humanoid creatures looking into windows. Maybe if investigators were to stay down by the river at night with only night vision camcorders and no lights, maybe they will experience these crazy things.

  6. all you guys are just drunk from all them bootleggers and high gravity malt liqour. once you sober up you will not even remember. show us some evidence, get bigfoot drunk get some pics, then maybe someone will believe you. haha.


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