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Bigfoot Lunch Club 2012 Year in Review Pt 2

What happened in Bigfoot News this year? We crunched the numbers and analyzed the statistics and can confidently tell you what Bigfoot Lunch Club fans thought were the greatest and favorite posts! This is Part 2 make sure you READ PART 1 FIRST!

JULY: Chinese Bigfoot Expedition

In 2010 we shared the story about the Hubei Wild Man Research Association looking for 100 scientist and explorers. Later that year we shared the Yeti hair research by The Shennongjia Nature Reserve. Then in July we announced China's effort to Explore Virgin Forest Home of 'Bigfoot'.

Later it was a man not an institution that would inspire us to learn about the Chinese Bigfoot known as yeren. Perhaps because he reminded us of ourselves, spending time in the woods, at times feeling obsessed and driven to get another glimpse--another sound. In our post, "One Man's Inspiring Story about China's Bigfoot" we introduced you to someone's who's heart and curiosity was close to ours despite being an ocean away.
For the past three decades, Li Guohua has had just one mission in life: to find the legendary "Wildman" in the thick forests of Hubei province.

He can't recall how many times he almost lost his life to unexpected cold, falling into canyons or fighting bears. He was even mistaken by police for being an armed fugitive when trying to trace the ape-like Wildman in the mountains of Shennongjia, the scene of numerous witness reports of this elusive ape-man.

The retired 62-year-old firmly believes in the existence of Wildman and plans to organize an exploration team.

"Although I am not as vigorous as I used to be, I am still strong enough to climb mountains and with my experience I can guide young team members," he says. "I am sure I will find a Wildman and be able to provide solid evidence if I can get support from others."

AUGUST: The Man Who Killed Bigfoot Passes Polygraph

Justin Smeja claims he killed two Bigfoot, to many in the community he is synonymous with the term Bigfoot Steak, for the slice of thigh meat he carved from one of the dead Bigfoot. His "steak" is being independently tested for Bigfoot DNA.

As you would expect he is a controversial figure, not only for his suspected credibility, but his stance on killing Bigfoot. For many in the community it is taboo. Despite his "bad guy" reputation, almost all who have met him personally have befriended him.

In July Ro Sahebi of The Bigfoot Report did a fantastic interview with Justin Smeja. It was August though that put Mr. Smeja on the map. This was when he passed a polygraph test backing his claims to have killed two Bigfoot. Our two most popular post were reactions from the key players and our exclusive interview with the polygraph examiner.

SEPTEMBER: The Elbe Trackway Hoax

This was the biggest disappointment of the year. Although we were there to investigate the tracks, the best reporting was done by Thom Powell of

In Thom's post, "The Elbe Trackway: I Doubt It," he states his initial apprehension that lighting doesn't strikes twice. He helped investigate the London Trackway in February.

Using the London Trackway as a reference, over the next two-weeks after the investigation he found the evidence un-compelling and announced it as a possible hoax.

Unfortunately Thom's suspicions turned out to be completely accurate and the hoaxer was outed as someone  that was among the community. Hoaxes sting worse when it is done from within the community.

OCTOBER: Spike TV's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty

In late October we announced in our post, "Spike TV's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty," that there was going to be a reality-based game show pitting teams of Bigfooters together competing for a $10 Million prize.

The biggest prize in TV History, there is a stipulation of winning the prize. According to the press release, the teams, "will be faced with the daunting task of proving to a group of experts that Bigfoot, the hairy ape-like sasquatch, exists with the irrefutable evidence."

Proof hasn't happened yet, maybe a monetary incentive will help. We also investigated how a show can afford to have a huge prize insured in our post, "How Can Spike TV Afford a 10 $Million Cash Prize? They Can't.

As of now they are currently still taking submissions for candidates.

NOVEMBER: The Bigfoot Blimp & Bigfoot DNA Press Release

November got the attention of the Mainstream media. At first everybody was talking about the Bigfoot Blimp. Officially called the Falcon Project, we announced Dr. Meldrum's support in our post, "Dr.Meldrum Backs 3-Year-Old Bigfoot Blimp Project"

Almost simultaneously, Melba Ketchum, who had been working on her own Bigfoot DNA study for the last 5 years, submitted a press release stating several sensational findings including the suggestion that Bigfoot is part human, almost immediately we got email from scientific peers and compiled them in our post, "First Bigfoot DNA "Peer Review" Results are In-- But, Not as Expected.'

the general consensus was Ketchum's biggest challenge is to insure that she was able to minimize contamination completely. We have gone on record as having a few concerns ourselves; pushing back the deadline of publication, DNA Diagnostics previous inability to deliver test results on time, and over all irresponsible communication about scientific results. Some in the community can not understand how we can hope for success and have concerns at the same time, but we really do hope Melba Ketchum makes a contribution to Bigfoot research.

DECEMBER: More Native Americans Please

Although not strictly a December phenomena, but our most popular stories are about the contributions made by Native Americans. 

The White Apache Nation announced that Bigfoot sightings have increased. If you have read Thom Powell's Op-ed, Native American names for geographic location are clues to best Bigfoot areas. The Navajos have been more forthcoming about Bigfoot Sightings thanks to great research done by J.C. Johnson. 

Finally, we learned from archaeologist, Robert Muckle, that at least one indigenous group had specific instructions for the archaeologists working within their territories, "report any Bigfoot sightings to the Indigenous group and thereafter maintain confidentiality." 

We respectfully request Native Americans to share the oral traditions and help us understand Sasquatch as you do.

Thank you fans! Each year gets better and better. Your support and comments are appreciated; critics and supporters alike. Each one of you helps make BLC a better website. I hope you know how much I love doing Bigfoot Lunch Club. 


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