Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bigfoot Christmas Gifts from Around the Web

Below are some of the best Bigfoot Christmas presents in the twitterverse. I had help picking these out; my niece Olivia. 

Sent for DNA analysis, we realized Bigfoot are also part chocolate!!

I got one of these myself from my niece!

Bigfoot and werewolves "knocking boots" as they say. Hirsute hominids are not particular.

Not necessarily a gift, but tweeted today.

Chewbacca doing a Patty impression. Or the other way around
since Star Wars took place , "A long time ago..."

Patty doing an ornament impression. Another place claiming to be "Bigfoot Country"

Bigfoot mug that reveals the word Bigfoot as you drink it.

Another ornament. Less like patty and more like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

An ornament shared by BLC contributor Hermon Joyner

By the look of those legs, those feet may be hairier than those slippers.

The infamous Bigfoot Lawn Statue. 

Another reference to a "Bigfoot Country." This time in Hayfork, CA.
Sasquatch Ice-Scraper. There should be a Yeti version.

Air fresher, cool; hunting permit, uncool.

Keeping' it real in bathroom. Peace out!

Tshirt Twins. 

The best gift a purple Bigfoot that has a peace sign for a belly button.


  1. Thanks, Guy! What an awesome article. I love the huge bigfoot slipper/bed! I soo want one! You'll have to scour the internet for us and find out where we can buy these products for ourselves. ;)

    1. Thanks Kathi! I thought it would be great to see what other enthusiasts got this year!!

  2. OMG! What an amazing knocking boots. You had great fun. Happy Holidays.

    Sarah Clarke.


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