Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WATCH: First Peak at at Facebook Find Bigfoot's First Book, "You are Sasquatch"

Book Cover for Facebook Find Bigfoot's,
 "YOU ARE SASQUATCH" Due out in December
Facebook Find Bigfoot (FB/FB) describes themselves through the biography on their Facebook page, "Our team and dedicated fans of this site find and authenticate real Bigfoot videos by researchers, accidentally and by people in the right place (forests) and the right time. We are not trying to prove that Bigfoot exists. It does in large numbers. We are interested in how they act and their morphology."

It should be noted that there are those in the Bigfoot community that are not impressed with Find Bigfoot's video analysis, some even reference Find Bigfoot as Find Blobsquatch, most notably because of their recent endorsement of a recent video produced by the same man that produced the Georgian frozen bigfoot hoax in 2008.

After several years of building an audience on it facebook page, 30,000+ plus fans as of this post, FB/FB has decided to publisha book on the video analysis they have done. You can read the first chapter for free

The first chapter, almost in the first paragraph, they claim that the TV show, Finding Bigfoot, is named after them and based on the site's authenticated video content. This is simply not true, and contributes to the thinking that FB/FB is more about propaganda than discovery. 

You can watch the sneak peak preview of the book in the video below.


  1. I'm glad they're doing this. I am all about anyone talking about this subject and we can sort through whether it's real video or not later, I just want to see the video and see them try to explain its attributes. I am definitely curious to read the book.

  2. Facebook find bigfoot sounds like it's setting itself up to be embarrassed by a hoax with the Dyer thing. why no pictures of the dead BF? It' obviously a hoax. I started living FBFBF but then their analysis started going all over the place. Now it looks like their so eager to find something they are letting themselves in for a hoax.


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