Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sasquatch Spokesman for Cousins Submarine Sandwhiches

Cousins Sub's New Spokeperson. SpokeSquatch? 

"Sasquatch came out of nowhere and asked for a sub – just like that. It was really weird.  But the camera was rolling and we recorded it, so we decided to put him in the commercial." -- Justin McCoy, vice president of marketing for Cousins Subs

Sasquatch, it seems peddles more than beef jerky anymore. Besides jerky, we have seen Sasquatch sell Hyundais in Canada and Software for Microsoft, now he's pitching sub sandwiches  Maybe we are partial, but in our mind, putting a Bigfoot in commercial is a win-win endeavor. Perhaps Bigfoot is the perfect muse for wit and humor. Most bigfooters we know are smart and quick to laugh (until you question their evidence).

So is it a good idea to have Sasquatch as your spokesperson? We thinks so. Watch the newest batch of commercials from Cousins Subs

If you are interested in the campaign yourself you can read an interview with Cousins Sub's VP of marketing at the restaurant trade magazine, QSR.

If you missed Sasquatch being funny while selling other products, click on the following links:
Sasquatch sells Hyundais in Canada
Sasquatch Pitches Software for Microsoft

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  1. I don't think the PGF is real, but it does give you pause to think that these guys had everything at their disposal and still, Patty looked better. Put another "WIN" for team PGF. How a rodeo drop out and a cancer patient, as well as a drunk neighbor if you buy that part, can out do a budget and some Hollywood people is beyond me. (but i still think they did it)


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