Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Protect Bigfoot, Petition the White House (For Real)

Yes, You can go to the White House website and Petition to protect Bigfoot
On November 13, 2012, Ken N. of Chesterfield, MO started a petition on the White House website. The petition is simply asking the Obama administration to "Recognize the cryptid species known as Bigfoot as an endangered species in the United States of America."

It is a legitimate democratic process to get the issue reviewed by the Obama administration. Read how the White House explains it.

The right to petition your government is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. We the People provides a new way to petition the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues facing our country. We created We the People because we want to hear from you. If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.


The idea of petitioning the White House or the government isn’t new, but this online platform is. Since the White House has never featured anything like this, we expect to make some adjustments to improve the platform based on how people use the system and your feedback. We may change the signature threshold so that the workload for responding to petitions in a timely fashion is manageable. You can always view the current signature thresholds on the Terms of Participation page.

The petition created by Ken is as follows:

Recognize the cryptid species known as Bigfoot as an endangered species in the United States of America.
The cryptid known as Bigfoot should be here on out recognized as an endangered species by the Obama administration and the United States of America.

Bigfoot also known as the "Sasquatch or Yeti" is in danger of becoming extinct.

We the people petition the Obama administration to recognize "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" as an American species of animal.

We plea with the Obama administration to recognize Bigfoot or Sasquatch as an American species of animal as soon as possible and put it on the endangered species list.

Research is an ongoing effort in the field of studying this creature, and one day it will be discovered and shown to the American public.

Please join our effort in recognizing this creature as an endangered species that needs to be saved!

Created: Nov 13, 2012
Issues: Agriculture, Environment

Click this link to Petition to Protect Bigfoot!

Want to see how it works still? Watch this video below

Now, click this link to Petition to Protect Bigfoot!


  1. :) I might just have to do a video about this. I find it funny, and interesting at the same time. We might be able to establish protect for a creature we can't even prove is real. How cool is that? Next up a petition to protect Dragons. They too are in danger of extinction. I mean have you seen a Dragon lately? My point exactly. They are rare. ;)

    1. SWP, as far as the irony of protecting the unproven--we get it. This is, however, the best opportunity to get the Executive Branch of the federal government to react to the Bigfoot phenomenon. Even if the response is completely rational, it would be fantastic to have a response on the record. Plz do a video and carry my plea!

  2. I would love to SWP do a video on this lol Plz do not miss this great opportunity..!! All the way with Team Tazer...

  3. Problem. They aren't Endangered, they're numbers are far greater then 'most' people realize. Instead they are simply much more capable at evading us in the wilds then we can appreciate. We are clumsy, noisy, non-stealthy as compared to just about any wild animal, plus they have a few capabilities on us that most cannot even begin to comprehend. Most 'squatchers' today haven't been exposed to the phenomenon long enough to grasp the full nature of it. Even the term 'Squatcher' is more of a fraternity term and one I'd not call myself or be part of. I don't chase them at night. I don't seek encounters with unexplained lights at night. I maintain a healthy vigilance when it comes to openly trusting what we don't understand. For that matter, not one of my visual encounters has been while 'looking' for them. Each have been unexpected and a few very unnerving and one very close to deadly altercation.

    Many Squatchers also want to believe that every leaning crossed stick in the woods was put there by a sasquatch. They don't comprehend the slow processes taking place that creates seemingly unnatural designs. SURE, some may have been made by a Sasquatch, but take for instance tree breaks. The vast majority of them were naturally made by extreme weather conditions like snow-loading or ice storms. Again not to say that Sas aren't responsible on occasion, but these instances are few and far between and one needs to begin understanding the various natural phenomenon that exists in our world first, so as to differentiate and delineate from how these events can and do happen naturally.

    The fact of the matter is, we don't have a clue what these creatures are either. Sure, we all go through the phase of seeing them as an early human type species. Maybe they are but very possibly not. Yeah their DNA can be very similar to ours. But I also have a developing perspective on DNA that may fill a few gaps when the time comes. A perspective which I'll save for when the time is right, when its appropriate.

    I personally saw my first Sasquatch back in 1977 from a distance of 25 feet. In that time I've learned a lot about these beings and have had a variety of experiences, some of which cannot be fully explained with existing science or common sense. I've also witnessed many people in this so called field who become so obsessed with the subject that they 'lose' perspective. Of course they may think that about my perspective, so be it, but I'll rely on my first hand experiences over television shows or the bigfoot stars out there any time. No disrespect but these are very complicated beings that won't fit our mold.

    Most Squatchers will never see a bigfoot for themselves when looking, but some events could take place that may change that in the future. Its even possible that we may all wish we had left them alone. I don't have any particular expectations but I do consider many options for how things can play out. We are chasing a species that may not even be from 'here' originally. It may not be from this dimension or time for that matter. We simply don't know. Mainstream physics proposes that there are alternate dimensions and then we have repeated reports of bigfoot doing the unexplained. Is there an overlap? Many can't even consider the possibility, but remember, mainstream physics does prescribe to their being at least 11 different dimensions. So its something to at least keep on the shelf as a possibility for most. Well if one actually prescribes to science as they claim, then one can't downright discount popular scientific theory even when it involves a seemingly primal hairy being.


    1. To reiterate, there are more of them out there then most people can appreciate. They aren't Endangered. No we shouldn't be shooting them, that is true, partly because we grow up to believe that all beings have a right to live. Secondly how do we know that if we began to really piss them off, would we end up not liking the repercussions? You back any animal into a corner and its gonna bite you. With all the popularity, how many humans does it take to cause bigfoot to grow tired of all the chasing?

      There are MANY options about bigfoot that have never been scientifically determined yet. This is a big universe and we are but one tiny planet in the scheme of things. Some believe the human race was created by design. Hmmm... Even that has a couple of different possibilities, Biblical and not.

      Point is, we don't know what they are and even DNA may not give us the full picture as there is both physical science and behavioral science. Its the latter that may tell us more about them but we aren't privy to the secrets therein. I won't be signing any petition because not enough information is known. I won't be going out trying to harm one either, and I've had two opportunities in my life to do that. Riding the wave of bigfoot popularity to achieve success in recognition is even a bit reckless because we don't know 'what' they are and even the alleged upcoming DNA results may not tell us this.


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