Friday, November 2, 2012

Professor Valentin Sapunov Doubles Down on Yeti Hair DNA and Asserts 200 Yetis in Kemerovo

Professor Valentin Sapunov Accused of Lying
"Let me make it clear - Sapunov is blatantly lying." --Oleg Pugachev, Director of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Science

Six hours ago The Sun posted a report interviewing both Professor Valentin Sapunov, who claimed definitive DNA evidence of a Yeti this week and Oleg Pugachev, Director of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Science.

Sapunov, pictured above, seems to stand by the DNA results he claimed for the Yeti fur, while the Pugachev, director of one of the labs that did the testing says they were not even able to extract any genetic material.

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Read the full text from The Sun Below

Hundreds of yetis live in Siberia, claims boffin

A SCIENTIST has put his Bigfoot in it after claiming that hundreds of yetis live in a large area of southern Siberia.

Controversial professor Valentin Sapunov has infuriated academics after he said DNA checks on hair samples from a remote cave showed it belong to a mystery human-like mammal.

Now he has gone further by asserting a population of 200 Yetis are alive and well in the forested Kemerovo, Khakassia and Altai regions of Siberia.

Professor Sapunov said there have been no confirmed sightings of yetis because the animals have an acute sense of danger.

A population of 200 would allow them to successfully reproduce, said the academic from the Russian State Hydro-meteorological University.

But other Russian experts have slammed Sapunov’s theories.

Oleg Pugachev, Director of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Science, said: “Let me make it clear - Sapunov is blatantly lying.

“He came with some bits of hair to the Institute, and spent a lot of time in my office complaining that official science wants nothing to do with it and no-one wants to test them.

“He asked me to help. I took a pity on him and ordered our DNA specialists to carry out a test.

“They did not manage to extract any genealogical material because there were no hair bulbs.

“The structure of the hair showed that they could have belonged to a goat, and a bear, and to other animals.

“That’s the end of it. What Snowman is he talking about?”

Sapunov hit back saying there is more evidence of the Yeti than for many officially documented species, some of which are reported to exist on the basis of a single bone.

Src: The Sun


  1. In this article there is mix of true and untrue info.
    1/ This photo is not of Dr Sapunov, but somebody else
    2/ That info about DNA analysis was made up by a journalist yet in December of 2011 and repeated now. Sapunov didn't tell that/
    3/ Only untrue is his saying about the structure of the hair/ No hair specialists looked at the sample, just Sapunov himself. But he is not a hair-specialist, though his speciality is biology/ I believe it was necessary to compare the structure of that sample with other animals' hairs, and it was not done.
    4/ But the academician Oleg Pugachyov from very beginning haughty refused to study the sample named it with upsetting word. that is why Sapunov started to studiy it by himself
    5/ I have sent the hairs from Azass cave, Siberia, to DNA labs of four countries including the Dr Sykes project in UK and am waiting for results. We need just a little patiency to make conclusion, if those hairs are of Bigfoot or other animals.
    Igor Burtsev

  2. Hotspot Dover-Zoar Road Sunday, November 4th, 2012. Current time 12:45.
    I heard vocalizations in the Dover Zoar Road area at 12:10 pm. The coyote were going crazy - stopped their yipping- silence followed by a long mournful howl which has that distinct eery bellowing tone of a sasquatch howl. The creature held the tone for a looong time and had to have large,strong lungs.The howl was then followed by another howl much fainter and farther away. When the second howl stopped the dogs at the humane society dog shelter went crazy. I was within 1/2 mile of the dog shelt
    er. The coyote were farther North (toward Zoar or SR 39) and the sasquatch sounding howls were the farthest away. In the ridge of hills between SR 39 and Dover - Zoar Road.

  3. Typo on the time, 12:10 AM - Sorry.

  4. It is a little bit off what both of these guys are saying I think that we are better off just waiting and see what happens before I can make any conclusions.


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