Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kentish Apeman a/k/a The British Bigfoot Returns after 70 Years

The Kentish Apeman a/k/a The British Bigfoot triggers a 70 year-old memory

News from Britain has been reporting a return of a Bigfoot-like cryptid. Locals call it the Kentish Apeman, and have recently spotted it in Tunbridge Wells Common. This is the exact place it was spotted 70 years ago.

The beast is describes as hairy, eight-foot tall, with red demonic eyes.

According to the paper, Tunbridge Wells People, "Other sightings have claimed the monster has also been on the prowl in Darftord and Blue Bell Hill, near Maidstone". Early this year we reported on another alleged British Bigfoot trackway find in Cotswolds

Read the excerpt from the Kent News below:
The most recent sighting is believed to have taken place last month on Tunbridge Wells Common – the 200-acre wooded site which sits in the centre of the town and is one of its most picturesque features.

But after it was reported, it jogged the memory of another local resident who went online to reveal how it tallied closely with a story he had heard years ago.

The author, who billed themselves as Graham S from the town, revealed how when he was working as a painter in the house of an elderly lady, she regaled him with a tale of coming face to face with the apeman on the Common during World War Two.

The post read: “One particular day she went to the Common with her husband and was sitting on a bench when they became aware of a shuffling noise behind them.

“Upon turning around both her husband and herself saw what she described as a tall, hairy ape like creature with eyes that were burning a reddish colour and it was moving towards them at a slow pace. They observed this creature for some time until they became afraid and they both fled – terrified.

“She went on to say that they told the police and members of their family, thinking that a gorilla had escaped from a zoo, but were laughed at and were not believed.”
Sharon Hill of
Doubtful News
Even our favorite skeptic at Doubtful News has weighed in on the whole idea of Bigfoot living on an island like the U.K. We assume it's preposterous to her for multiple reasons, but we think she is calling out that the U.K is an island.

"Another point in the piece is that apemen are sighted in the U.K. Frankly, it’s a preposterous idea. It’s SO preposterous that investigators, like Arnold who is quoted, have entertained that the explanation is not of an actual animal but of a supernatural thing." --Doubtful News

Doubtful News is responding to Neil Arnold, a paranormal expert from Rochester. The Kent News article further describes Mr. Arnolds position, "[he] doesn't believe the apeman to be a flesh and blood 'monster', but a paranormal figure..."

Click the following link to read the Kent News article about the Kentish Apeman a/k/a British Bigfoot

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  1. Very interesting. It would be cool to see BF make their already very intriguing list of cryptids.


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