Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Pt.1

Happy Birthday Cliff!!!
In celebration of Cliff Barackman's Birthday, we are showcasing the behind-the-scenes videos he created with Craig Flipy for most of  Season One of Finding Bigfoot. Watch each video after the episode summary.

"Bigfoot Crossing in Georgia [1]" May 29, 2011
The team, in their first episode, are in northern Georgia investigating cases with Bigfoot. One thing they investigate is what a police officer believes to be a Bigfoot running across a road. Also, Cliff and Ranae find two possible footprints, and the Georgia chapter of the BFRO is called on to help a search.

"Swamp Ape [2]" June 5, 2011
The team visits Northern Florida investigating some mysterious cases with the Florida subspecies of Bigfoot, the Swamp Ape or Skunk Ape. They investigate a case about a couple that believes there is a Bigfoot living on their property and is bothering them. Also, the team talks with the Seminole people, asking about some experiences some members of the tribe have had with Bigfoot, and Matt and Bobo see a strange figure in the distance on a search.

"Caught on Tape [3]" June 12, 2011
The team travels to North Carolina, specifically the Uwharrie National Forest to investigate supposed Bigfoot sightings. Also, Matt's leadership skills are called into question, and the largest search for Bigfoot ever is organized.

"Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon [4]" June 19, 2011
The team travels to Oregon the investigate multiple cases with sightings of Bigfoot. A group of rafters accidentally capture a video supposedly having a Bigfoot in it. Also, the team makes its first visit to Bigfoot and Beer, and then use a rabbit to try and lure out a sasquatch.

"Frozen Bigfoot [5]" June 26, 2011
The team heads to southern Washington to investigate cases involving Bigfoot encounters. One man caught a picture with an animal that may be a Bigfoot that is on a snowcapped mountain. Also, Matt and Bobo claim to hear what sounded like human voices during a night investigation, and Cliff and Ranae ride in a small raft to see if they can see a Bigfoot.

"Alaska's Bigfoot Island [6]" July 10, 2011
The team heads to southeast Alaska because the mayor of the town of Hydaburg asks them to investigate compelling footprint photos . Also, Ranae and Bobo find a possible footprint, and talk with a woman who claims to have had a log thrown thrown at her taxi and spotted a Sasquatch in a tree the next day.

"Behind the Search [7]" July 17, 2011
The team returns to a gathering in Oregon at Ike's Pizza, called "Bigfoot and Beer" to talk personally to fans. The team talks about their excursions to find Bigfoot and reflect on them, answer questions from their fans, and play footage that was not aired on previous episodes.

If you enjoyed these Finding Bigfoot Season 1 debriefs check out, "Happy Birthday to Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman Pt.2" for Finding Bigfoot Season 2 debriefs!


  1. You cant shoot a non existent creature, how can these clowns claim to know so much about the habbits, social order and whereabouts of a bigfoot without any proof of them being real.
    Sure its fun to imagine they could be real, but just because you find a possible food source for a group of bigfoots dont mean there are any.
    Im sure there are plenty of leafs and vegetation to support a heard of elephants there as well, but there are none there.
    No body, No Bones, just random footprints.. surely
    a single footprint proves it to be a hoax, how can they leave one footprint and no more? there should be lots of prints.
    Although i have heard they cover there prints, how they manage to do this is beyond me,

  2. Bigfoots like bacon&fireworks as well as discos, raves and air raid sirens, bozos turn up in noisy suvs and quad bikes together with a camera crew to spy on these elusive creatures..
    if they were real you would have made them run a mile with all that noise, please justify setting of explosives in a wooded area? have you any idea of the damage that causes to wildlife, plus the risk of fire& you all stand there smiling away and laughing like simpletons.
    Indian tribal people are well known liars, they make up all sorts of rubbish about monsters and stuff to keep idiots away from there reservations, or they actually think its true themselves


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