Thursday, November 8, 2012

Four Smart Questions for BeardCard, Provo Canyon Bigfoot Videographer

Artist, Guy Edwards, depiction of Provo Canyon Bigfoot
We recently asked BeardCard, videographer of the Provo Canyon Video what we think are important smart questions bigfooters want the answers to. Please read his responses below and re-watch his original video. (Click to see our stabilized Provo Canyon Bigfoot
1. Have you been to that area before? Have you seen wildlife there before? The reason I ask, Bigfoot have been reported to "hang-out" with certain fauna.
We have been up four wheeling and hiking in this area quite a bit. We have camped there a few times as well. We haven't been this this exact location many times, but many places throughout Provo Canyon and near Squaw Peak. There are many many deer up there. It is actually deer hunting season right now, so tons of hunters are/were up there as well. Besides deer and smaller animals, I have seen a couple mouse over the years, but not often.
2. You said you went back to the site to get your belongings, do you plan on going back to revisit what happened?
We have, and may be going back up soon to document what happened on video.
3. How many people were with you? Did you think it was Bigfoot before you reviewed the video?
There were 5 of us there. My wife and I, and 3 of my siblings.
Before coming home and watching the video, it being a Bigfoot had been brought up along with lots of other thoughts. In the moment we didn't know what it was besides a huge animal who turned quickly to look at us, and we were way to close to it. Still at this point all 5 of us are not sure what it was or could have been.
4. Finally, what is the craziest question you've been asked so far? 
Probably, "Do you think it could have been a turkey fanning its feathers?"  Um no. It was huge, had arms and stood and stared at us. If the video doesn't show that clear enough, in person all of us can assure you that thing was not a turkey.
Or "Looking at your shoes in the video you guys obviously weren't dressed in hiking gear, how can you explain this..."
We were simply out there to camp overnight and decided to go on a little hike up to some deer. We were not set to be hiking long distances, we were simply on a fun little camping trip.
Or "What do you have to say to the people who call hoax?"
They can think what they want. A lot of people are so set in their opinions that nothing can ever waver them. We simply posted our video online to show friends and family how freaky it was, the Bigfoot community and news media blew it up from there.
Thanks for the interview BeardCard! Now that we heard it from you we can cross the Turkey-Theory off the list as possibilities! Please watch the original Provo Canyon Bigfoot video below.

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  1. "We haven't been this this exact location many times"

    Huh ?

    " Besides deer and smaller animals, I have seen a couple mouse over the years, but not often."

    Well you can't get a lot smaller then a mouse !

    Are these direct transcriptions or typos.


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