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Finding Bigfoot's Pocatello Idaho Expedition Takes Cliff Barackman by Surprise

Promotional photograph for season three of Finding Bigfoot
(Clockwise starting left: James "Bobo" Fay, Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, Ranae Holland)
"The Idaho expedition was one of the first times I really was taken by surprise as to where bigfoots hang out." --Cliff Barackman

Last night's episode of Finding Bigfoot took place around Pocatello, Idaho. We covered this student-filmed footage in our post Dr. Jeff Meldrum Discusses Pocatello Idaho Bigfoot Video. Click the following link to read our entire coverage of Finding Bigfoot.

Cliff Barackman, co-host of Finding Bigfoot, does the best job filling in the blanks and supplementing the TV show with behind-the-scenes information. At his site ( he has posted field notes from the Pocatello, Idaho episode of Finding Bigfoot

When you read his field notes, you quickly realize why Cliff Barackman is one of the most respected Bigfoot researcher's. He is not afraid to share his initial thoughts and how they evolve as he has access to more information. In a community that can be filled with vitriol and hyperbole, Cliff Barackman is breath of fresh air. Well, we should really let him speak for himself. Below is a short excerpt from his most recent field notes taken from the Idaho expedition of Finding Bigfoot.

I came into this investigation thinking that this could very well be a case of hoaxing by teenagers, especially with the concerns I had with the footprint photograph. However, after speaking with the witnesses, I am pretty convinced that they are not lying about what happened that day. They proved themselves to be people of religious morality and intelligence with future aspirations that mirror this. In fact, their wish to remain anonymous is partly due to their concern about sports scholarships and pending acceptance to universities. At worst, this might be a case of a misidentification, but I think it’s very likely that they filmed a bigfoot.

The town hall meeting was pretty interesting. Dr. Meldrum attended with a couple of his sons. There was a botonist that saw a large sasquatch many miles back in a wilderness area. Another man had photographed footprints just the weekend before in an area of frequent bigfoot activity, which is where Ranae went for her solo camping excursion. Many Native Americans from the local Fort Hall Reservation came out to hear stories of bigfoots from the area, but almost none of them shared encounters… until after the meeting ended. We were then overwhelmed with both the number and quality of sightings from the local Indians. As is often the case, they just didn’t want to share their encounters on camera out of respect for the sasquatches.

The Idaho expedition was one of the first times I really was taken by surprise as to where bigfoots hang out. While the mountains surrounding Pocatello, ID are typical bigfoot habitat, the flat lands look like about the last place a bigfoot would want to hang out. Yet, there are very credible sightings from these flat, largely-treeless areas. These sightings usually happen in farm lands that are not far from waterways. Some of the reporting witnesses are law enforcement officers who have seen the sasquatches both with their eyes and with thermal imagers. Once again, bigfoots do some very unexpected things in some very unexpected locations. They are full of surprises, to say the very least.

SRC: Cliff Barackman's Idaho Field Notes

As in seasons past, these Field Notes (he should call them Cliff Notes) will be a crucial supplement to every episode of the TV show Finding Bigfoot. We are big fans of the show and understand the obligatory necessity to entertain, but we are also bigfooters through and through, and we are thankful a respected researcher from the community adds context to each episode.

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And click the following link to read Cliff Barackman's Idaho Field Notes

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  1. Thanks for the post, Craig. I am glad to see the show back for another season. Sadly, I couldn’t watch it last night, as I was stuck working late in my office at DISH. Thankfully, I have my DISH Hopper DVR set to automatically record any new episodes of this series, and I was able to get caught up this morning before heading back in to work. While I do believe in Bigfoot, and cryptids in general, I don’t think that these guys will ever find anything. I only watch the show to see these guys stop around in the woods howling in the night, and to see them call every twig and berry evidence of Bigfoot activity. Maybe the new season will surprise me, but only time will tell.


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