Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dr.Meldrum Backs 3-Year-Old Bigfoot Blimp Project

Rendering of the Bigfoot Blimp to be used in the Falcon Project
We have been covering the Falcon Project since February 2010. Click the following link to read our entire Falcon Project coverage. The blimp project has been trying to get off the ground since before then. This may change if Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Idaho State University, can raise over $300,000.

Originally the Falcon Project was the dream child of gold dredger, William Barnes, and business-owner, Jason Valenti.  Back in 2010 the Bigfoot blimp had a different design (see picture below)

2010 version of Bigfoot blimp
On November 4th 2010 Reuters picked up the story read excerpt below.
Now Meldrum is seeking to raise $300,000-plus in private donations to build the remote-controlled dirigible, equip it with a thermal-imaging camera and send it aloft in hopes of catching an aerial glimpse of Bigfoot, also known as sasquatch.

Meldrum, author of "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science," said the undertaking represents a giant leap in the quest for an animal he believes may have descended from a giant ape that once inhabited Asia and crossed the Bering land bridge to North America.

"The challenge with any animal that is rare, solitary, nocturnal and far-ranging in habitat is to find them and observe them in the wild; this technology provides for that," he said.

Since the Reuters piece Utah's has picked up on the news and posted two videos on it's website.

Discovery News has high praise for Dr. Jeff Meldrum's credentials and rightly notes his reputation is why the Falcon Project is getting attention:
Part of the reason that the plan -- dubbed the Falcon Project -- is gaining such notoriety is the participation of Jeffrey Meldrum. In stark contrast to the vast majority of Bigfoot hunters and enthusiasts across the country and on television, Meldrum has legitimate scientific credentials as a professor of anatomy and anthropologist.

While these areas of research are not directly relevant to Bigfoot, Meldrum is more academically qualified than most to examine and analyze alleged Bigfoot tracks and photographs.

SRC: Discovery News
According to it is a "Wacky Plan"
The plan, dubbed the Falcon Project, was first envisioned by a Utah man named William Barnes who allegedly came face-to-face with a "well-manicured" hairy creature in northern California sometime in 1997 and subsequently approached Meldrum with the notion of finding Bigfoot using an airship. The Falcon Project is projected to take flight next spring. 

That is, at least, if it ever takes off. Fundraising efforts have been slow. Reuters reports that Meldrum has yet to raise a single dollar for his cause. Still, he's hardly the only party interested in finding the legendary beast. Spike TV is offering a $10 million reward to anyone who can offer irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot's existence as part of a new reality show.
SRC: The Week

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