Sunday, November 25, 2012

DNA Consulting Company is Intrigued by Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA

Roberta Estes formed DNAeXplain to offer
individual analysis of DNA results and genealogical assistance 

Thanks to Thom Cantrall for bringing this to our attention. is a blogging channel for DNAeXplain, a DNA genetics consulting company that offers individual written analysis of DNA results. While we have had opinions from Ketchum proponents and Ketchum detractors, Bigfooters and non-bigfooters. We haven't had an independent DNA expert react to the Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA press release.

Roberta Estes asks some very interesting questions and shed some insight to what Melba Ketchum may be saying between the lines.Her first questions are in the excerpt below.
This begs several questions.  Is all of the mitochondrial DNA the same, inferring a single maternal ancestor?  They have sequenced 20 different mitochondrial samples.  Given that the mitochondrial DNA is reportedly identical to that of modern humans, we can presume, one would think, that the mitochondrial DNA is Native American, so a member of haplogroup A, B, C, D or X.  Hopefully the forthcoming paper will be more specific.
She continues on to read what she deems subtle and non-subtle messages,
There are subtle and not so subtle messages buried here as well.  Obviously, for the team to acquire 20 samples to process, there has to be a population of these creatures living in North America.  Of course, everyone has heard of Sasquatch and seen photos and videos, but until this, nothing has been terribly convincing.  There has been no smoking gun.  If this research is valid and passes peer review, it not only confirms that Sasquatch is real, it vindicates many of the people who have had “sightings” over the years.  It becomes the smoking gun.  But as with much science, it raises more  questions than it answers.

For example, are there any non-admixed Sasquatch progenitors left, meaning the males that founded the Sasquatch line with the human female?  How would we tell the difference?  This of course implies that some sort of pre-hominid species existed on this continent before Native Americans arrived from Asia and had existed separate from hominids for a long time.  Is there other evidence of this creature in North America?

You can read the entire post by Roberta Estes here.


  1. If you did not get that this tester is perpetrating a hoax after a couple of years to process only 20 samples, then you are naive.

    1. Do not confuse processing 20 samples with deriving 20 viable samples out of material that was mostly inadequate to derive samples from. Ketchum's process is designed to recover viable samples from previously unusable material. That is part of why there has been such a delay.

      Also, mitochondrial samples are relatively easy to recover and process, but nuclear samples are not, hence only 3 samples of nuclear dna. That is another part of the delay.

      That being said, there are still plenty of reasons to question this result. That hybridization most commonly produces sterile offspring, that there must have been many such hybrids produced to create a breeding population capable of sustaining growth of a population without making it highly vulnerable to disease, and what is the likelihood of multiple "events" unless two tribes or families are basically cohabitating and that still does not provide the breeding population.


  3. I'm with JohnLloydScharf. This means nothing. This is just like Biscardi saying he has a dead bigfoot in a freezer that he has seen and touched, and it's got a huge set of junk. It's just her saying she as proof, but won't give any details. Because she has "DR" in front of her name, people will just believe it. Remember, this is the lady who says she regularly sees a family of sasquatch playing and horsing around, and takes bad photos of brush piles and says that they are bigfoot structures. With an old junky phone, I might add. If she isn't smart enough to work the camera on her non-smart phone, I don't have faith in her ability to find sasquatch DNA. People, wait till there is tangible proof and all of the evidence is openly shared before you put all of your faith in this chick.

    1. >Remember, this is the lady who says she regularly sees a family of sasquatch playing and horsing around

      NOT the same woman. Such comments are not at all helpful.

  4. I always find it highly suspicious when a total non-believer, hangs out on a bigfoot website, and attempts to discredit all attempts at producing evidence. There are pathetic nutcases on the JREF site, who have been wasting their lives away for at least 5 years, seeking to discredit all testimony as well as all evidence. It just seems so strange. You have to ask yourself, how much are they being paid to do that? Is it there job? Are they retired spooks just continuing to fulfill their mission statement, when they were wasting our tax dollars? So many questions.

  5. I sent melba Ketchum a sample of a what I thought was a sasquatch skull for over 2.5 years she told me nothing despite 5o calls to her office, her assistant told me my skull contained human mitocondria the same thing would light up for a chimp. ape, bigfoot or person. She is a thief and a liar, she stole my stuff. Tom Burnette author Natures secret

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