Friday, November 23, 2012

Bigfoot DNA Update!! Igor Burtsev releases info, Ketchum Responds and Paulides Piles On!

Bryan Sykes and Melba Ketchum

Thanks to Jefferey Kelly for passing this on to us.

Here is a quick update in the world of Bigfoot DNA research. Initially Dr. Melba Ketchum, an animal DNA expert, was working on sequencing the Bigfoot DNA. Many people in the Bigfoot community offered possible DNA samples and others offered to help analyze the results. Since then, there has been a parallel Bigfoot DNA project lead by Bryan Sykes of Oxford University. Igor Burtsev, Head of International Center of Hominology, was close to the initial Dr. Melba Ketchum project and released the following:
URGENT announcement from Igor Burtsev ...
"International Center of Hominology (Russia)

The DNA analysis of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch specimen conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum the head of DNA Diagnostics, Timpson, TX, USA has been over!

Team of American scientists led by Dr. Melba Ketchum for five years has analyzed 109 purported samples of such creatures. The study has sequenced DNA of a novel North American hominin, commonly called Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

There were a large number of laboratories associated with this study including academic, private and government laboratories in which blind testing was utilized to avoid prejudice in testing. Great time and care was taken in the forensic laboratories to assure no contamination occurred with any of the samples utilized in this study.

After 5 years of this study the scientists can finally answer the question of what sasquatch really is. It is human like us only different, a hybrid of a human with unknown species. Early field research shows that the Bigfoot/Sasquatches are massively intelligent which has enabled them to avoid detection to a large extent. They are different than us, however human nonetheless.

The hybridization event could not have occurred more than 15000 years ago according to the mitochondrial data in some samples. Origin of this hominin was probably Middle Eastern/Eastern Europe and Europe originally though other geographic areas are not excluded.

The manuscript associated with this study has been submitted to a scientific reviewed magazine.

For years people have refused to believe they exist. Now that we know that they are real, it is up to us to protect them from those that would hunt or try to capture them for research or for sport. They should be left alone to live as they live now. After all, they are our relatives.

At this time, analysis of the Sasquatch genomes is still ongoing. Further data will be presented in the future following this original study. Additionally, analysis of various hair samples purportedly from Siberian Wildman are being tested in an effort to determine if relatedness exists between the Sasquatch and Russian Wildman.

Dr. Igor Burtsev,
Head of International Center of Hominology,
Moscow, Russia +7(916)812-6253 "

Almost immediately Dr. Melba Ketchum  responded on her Facebook page, “It is unfortunate that the partial summary of our data was released in this manner, however, I will be making a formal response in the next few days. Even though Igor Burtsev released this, it was not Dr. Burtsev’s fault.”

Another player in the Melba Ketchum project is David Paulides, who seems to want to position the Ketchum project in front of the Bryan Sykes Oxford University DNA study and any interest the TV Show Finding Bigfoot may have.

David Paulides writes on his website,  ”In the last twelve months you have seen a variety of groups suddenly take interest in bigfoot DNA. Where was that interest four years ago when we started our DNA Project? Dr. Jeff Meldrum has gone to Europe with his interest and utilized the resources of Oxford University in an attempt to develop a DNA sequence on Bigfoot. A weekly show about bigfoot also has just recently found an interest in bigfoot DNA and is trying to exploit this avenue, and there are others.”

Is any of this news? Steven Streufert does not think so. His reaction on his Facebook Group is as follows:
Sure, but really, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. All that happened was that Igor said something, and forced a response from the otherwise clammed-up Ketchum, and Paulides wrote his first blog entry since March 2012. The news? NOTHING.
Click the following link to learn more about Bryan Sykes Oxford University Bigfoot DNA Study
Click the following link to learn more about Melba Ketchums' Bigfoot DNA Study


  1. Even if Sasquatch are shown to be members of the hominid "family bush", they don't have to be referred to as humans! The beauty of the hominid family tree is that it is so diverse and many species are unique in their own branches. Loren Coleman once wrote that the primate tree is so diverse with branches of sophisticated capabilities that it often doesn't serve a species justice to be categorized as man or ape. When Sasquatch, whatever they turn out to be, are found; I strongly feel that Coleman's theory will turn out to be true and to apply to these creatures!

    1. Excellent reminder Jay. Thank you for the comment and the contribution to this post. Intelligent comments, like yours, add value to this blog. Please keep them coming!

    2. They may be parralel but not human. A completely different species which will most likely prove to be "similar but different". And again, "NOTHING". I agree with Steven Steufert.

    3. themanwithoutanameDec 4, 2012, 10:05:00 AM

      "sophisticated capabilities" is code for paranormal. If you actually use the word paranormal, you get shunned.

    4. themanwithoutanameDec 4, 2012, 10:12:00 AM

      Bigfoot are very intelligent people. Just consider them your ancestors who had enough sophisticated capabilities, that they could exist at the same time as meat eating dinosaurs. Humans are just severely dumbed down versions of Bigfoot, with their hair plucked out by evolution and slammed down on an endless treadmill the second they saw the light of day.

  2. Oh really? Where's the podium? Where are the cameras and microphones? Where are all of the people involved standing around in their lab-coats backing the "announcement"? This is no better than a tweet! This fish ain't biting.

  3. Paulides demonstrates that he still does not understand the simple scientific fact that our own species, Homo sapiens, ARE members of the Great Ape family, and that a genetic similarity between us and "them" does not make "them" human beings. And one can only assume he gets his information from Melba Ketchum, who as a Vet should have been exposed to this basic academic fact as a lower division undergraduate.....We share over 98% of our genome with Chimpanzees as an example, and a large percent with all species of mammal. And the fact that he is still spreading this misinformation which has been "their" predetermined conclusion from before the study even began, causes me grave misgivings about the quality of any analysis of data which they may have obtained. Certainly no legitimate Scientific Journal will accept a conclusion of "human being", since there is no universally accepted definition of what it means to be human, and certainly "they" do not exhibit any kind of culture which would fit an anthropological definition of what that would mean.

    Igor has not mentioned anything that has not been leaked before from the Ketchum camp, just more vague claims with no data, no names of credible academic institutions, labs, or actual scientists working with her, and of course no name of an actual legitimate Journal to which the analysis has been submitted, and after two years still no publication date.....

    1. yeah, Baby xxooxxoxxx

      You speak the truth!!

      They are wildmen out there.

  4. Yes Virginia, there is a Sasquatch. I think.. well maybe ..we'll see soon umm ya, have a candy cane.

    1. "Yes Virginia, There is a Sasquatch" would make a great T-shirt, or has it already been done?

  5. As mentioned the question really is whio is it going to for that all important peer review???

  6. Since the Sasquatch are 4th dimensional, we have no idea as to whether they have a culture or not. For all we know, they could all be sitting in a 4D bar right now, slamming down 4D brewskies, laughing at all this human bickering and soapboxing.

    1. The 4th dimension is time. I hope you were kidding.

    2. TIME was unceremoniously kicked out of the 4th dimension slot, in the spring of 1975 at University of California at Berkeley. After reviewing the Lawrence Livermore Lab, Bigfoot captivity reports, the University staff together with Stephen Hawkings, decided to lump TIME together with SPACE and call it SPACE-TIME. And leave the 4th dimension slot to explain the ability of the Bigfoot to disappear and reappear inside of a secure holding cell, in front of multiple witnesses and multiple video cameras. Please note in Stephen Hawking's books, he does not explain where and how the term came about. Yet he owns the term SPACE-TIME.

    3. And here you have been taught that scientists did not accept the existence of Bigfoot. Actually, they did at one time. And some of the very best in the world did accept it. They just were not willing to have the "Bigfoot" name attached to their decision to relocate TIME. Nor have their names publicly associated with any "Bigfoot" study.

    4. So next time you hear Matt Moneymaker claim that he was first to do this or that, and may even claim to have discovered, proven, etc,.. Bigfoot, he would be gravely mistaken.

  7. Evolution is bullshit! The so called scientists know it. wont admit it because they lose their cushy goverment grants! Pathetic!!!!!

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