Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bobo is Interviewed by Seattle Times over Drinks

The one and only James "Bobo" Fay 
A Seattle Times skeptic, Froma Harrop a decade-old friend, interviews James "Bobo" Fay over drinks. You may have caught Bobo on Conan O'Brien last week.

The interview begins well and does a nice job framing Bobo's opinion of skeptics:
In Bobo’s good-natured world, Bigfoot skeptics are a necessary presence. An essential member of the “Finding Bigfoot” team is Ranae Holland, a field biologist and Bigfoot doubter. She adds gravitas by demanding evidence.
The Harrop continues on, establishing his 10-year relationship with Bobo. Then the interview pivots as Harrop comments on how Bobo must answer the same questions, over and over, yet, he can't help asking one of those questions himself.
I order another bloody mary and again ask: Do you really, really believe in Bigfoot?

“Well, I saw one in 2002,” Bobo patiently answers. “A buddy and I watched for 22 minutes.”

He explains the biology: There’s probably no human tree with straight descending evolutionary lines. “There are like five hominids that all overlapped and were breeding together.”
You can read the entire interview at the Seattle Times, it has also been reposted at Real Clear Politics

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