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Author Whitley Strieber Explains Bigfoot

Whitley Strieber offers his perspective on Bigfoot
"Sasquatch is. Man does. This does not mean that they are better or we are better. It only means that we are different. The aim of Sasquatch is to be together. The aim of Mankind is to do together, and thus to understand one another." --Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber is most famous for his book, "Communion," a #1 New York Times best seller about aliens (Greys) visiting him. This was eventually made in to a movie starring Christopher Walken. He also hosts a radio show called Dreamland and his wife, Anne Strieber, runs his website Unknown Country. Due to the Dr. Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA press release, Mr. Strieber has offered his own perspective of Sasquatch.

If you have followed this blog within the last few days, you may be at risk of Bigfoot DNA fatique. Don't worry we wouldn't do that to you. While Mr. Strieber takes the opportunity to use Melba Ketchum's presser as a jumping point, his article is more about what makes Sasquatch different from man, and in our opinion, it is at least a great philosophical point. He begins this point and then expands on his long-time interest of Sasquatch.
We are as different as we can be. In fact, polar opposites. Sasquatch is here to be; Man is here to do. These are two opposite poles of consciousness, and if we can find balance, we can, each of us, find ourselves in a completely new way. This possibility has never existed before, not in all the long years that the two species have spent living on Earth together.

I've had a lifelong interest in the Yeti and Sasquatch. When I was a boy, an acquaintance of my parents, Tom Slick, led the first scientific expedition in search of the Himalayan Yeti. In 2001 his niece, my close friend Catherine Nixon Cooke, retraced his steps. Because of my interest, I have done many interviews on Dreamland with Bigfoot researchers, and I have never doubted that something was out there. For example, Dreamland this week will cover Bigfoot Sounds and will mark my 7th show on the subject since 2007. (All of these shows are available in the Dreamland Archive. Search on Bigfoot and Sasquatch.)
Mr. Strieber wanders in and out of Melba Ketchum's press release, but it is his effort to define the distinction between man and Squatch that we find most fascinating, and so he carries on.
They are not like us and were not meant to be like us. We are naked and must make our own shelter or die. Nature has clothed them in hair and given them, in their powerful senses, all that they need to thrive. We must make our technology. They are born with theirs. 

In fact, they have remained even more primitive than we were fifteen thousand years ago. They are a pre-stone age species, still, in effect, living entirely off the physical assets that nature granted them. We have not been like that for a very long time. Fifteen thousand years ago, we were already working stone and using animal skins to cover ourselves. Gobekli Tepi dates from a time when Sasquatch was a new species, so we were already builders then. Thirty thousand years ago, we were creating art at a high skill level in the caves of France and Spain. Fifty thousand years ago, we were using fire and stone tools, and creating edges in flint.

We have only highlighted the parts of Mr. Strieber's notes on what defines the distinction of Sasquatch and Man, he continues on to incorporate other aspects, like the left-hand path and other Esoteric traditions. You can read the original source in it's entirety at Whitley's Notes on Unknown Country.


  1. Strieber's usual babbling, incoherent conjecture. He offers nothing... but buy his book anyway.

  2. I red his bbooks about flying sauagers and the lottle gray beans with big heads. there are grays I no because my son and me was deducted bye them in 1977/ we was tken aboard a graft that was looked like a hospitol excep the nurses were grays. they fooled with out peenus and ran a xray mashione over me. my boy said they run a thing like a didlio up his amus. he said it felt like a eletrick shocker devise. it actully burnt his hair around his amus. I never seen it but my bot sad they walk right threw a wall in the sauger. they talked to us with there heads some way. the leader wasnakedand had a peenus but no tasticles. I ask him why we was kodnapped and he said they need us for something. he sad they was from a plant called doodap or something sound like dood something. then we nwxt thing we knowed we was back in are car. believe it beclause it the truth.

  3. haha hemsterikal!

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  5. In these excerpts, Strieber sounds a lot like Lieder's channeled greys.

    1. Thanks for the comment Terry. You always bring something to the table. I had to Google your reference to Lieder's channeled greys. There is a lot of similarity in the way they both talk, with intimate knowledge, about the intentions of these creatures. They seem to have access that is unavailable to most of us.


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