Thursday, November 22, 2012

Animal Planet Staff Weighs In on Bigfoot's Existence

Hilary Tholen, Associate Producer for Finding Bigfoot
A creative director, producer, associate producer, executive producers, and a publicist from Animal Planet all weigh in on whether or not they think Bigfoot exist. Watch as the crew behind the scenes of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot weigh in in this video provided by Yahoo! news.

SRC: Yahoo! News


  1. Can you post the link as it is not coming up for me thanks.

  2. Guy I found it on AP very funny thanks.

    1. I added the link for the rest of the fans. Thanks Lee!

  3. I love how the one guy tries to write off hair, scat, and footprints as "a bear...or a goat" hahaha what?? So sad that many people don't recognize how great the evidence is!

  4. Now I know it was that dang Sasquatch that ate those sandwiches.

  5. Patrick Keegan is a JACKASS!!! No clue what the hell he is talking about. Anyone that ignorant should be fired!


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