Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WATCH: The Travel Channel's Paranormal Paparazzi Argue Over Bigfoot

Joshua P. Warren (left) explaining to the Paranormal Paparazzi crew
that Bigfoot is non physical and non-biological 
"I think these Bigfoot sightings are either apparitional or inter dimensional" -- Joshua P. Warren; Paranormal Paparazzi Reoprter

Aaron Sagers (left)  is a CNN contributor who will host a new show on the Travel Channel called Paranormal Paparazzi. Self-imposed as Skeptic-in-chief, Sagers leads a team of reporters as they go out and investigate unexplained phenomena. The series premiered in late September and plans to run 8 episodes in all. Unfortunately non of the shows slated for the first season have anything to do with Bigfoot. There's ghost, UFO's and zombies--but no Bigfoot.

Bigfoot, however is the topic of a teaser video published on the The Travel Channel' website. It is short video of the team discussing the physicality of Bigfoot. The man with the glasses who does most of the talking in the video is not a Bigfoot expert, but a ghost expert. His name Joshua P. Warren and is best known for making the cover of the scientific journal, Electric Space Craft, in 2004 for groundbreaking work on ghostly plasmas.

Watch the video below and decide if you agree with joshua P. Warren. 

You can learn more about the show at


  1. This show is utterly terrible. It's Paranormal TMZ. I can't figure out the value in that.


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