Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Days of 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Media Frenzy

Spike TV is offering largest cash prize in TV history for the proof of Bigfoot

Want a quick tour of what everybody else is saying about Spike TV's announcement of it's new show, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty?

"Meanwhile, Lloyd's Of London has put up what's being called the largest cash prize in reality TV history, which should compensate for these people immediately flushing away all the profits their industry generates by Bigfoot remaining a mystery. That is, of course, until we launch our own equally scientifically sound reality series, offering $20 million to anyone who offers irrefutable proof that Bigfoot makes amazing frittatas."
--Sean O'Neal; A.V. CLUB

"If there really is a bigfoot out there he better find a damn good hiding spot. SPIKE TV has just ordered 10 hour long episodes of $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty...This should be an interesting reality show. Hopefully Matt Moneymaker and Bobo will show and tell everyone exactly what bigfoot do."

"Forget Donald Trump's $5 million offer for President Obama's college and passport records -- Spike TV has a much more lucrative offer. And it might even be more humorous than Trump's guffaw-inducing "October surprise...It would be the largest cash prize in history, in the unlikely event that one of the teams actually comes up with evidence. Ah, Spike TV. You really can't buy publicity like that. And in this case, you probably won't have to pay a dime."
--Tim Kenneally; Reuters reprinted in  The Wrap and Chicago Tribune

"Poor Simon Cowell. Not only has his singing competition, “The X Factor,” been eclipsed in the ratings this fall by the NBC singing competition “The Voice.” Now he also can no longer claim that his show’s $5 million prize is the biggest in TV show history. It has been eclipsed by Bigfoot."
-- Lisa De Moraes; The Washington Post

"SpikeTV is offering up $10 million to anyone who can prove that the legendary Sasquatch Bigfoot exists. The network's latest reality show — 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty — will feature teams on a quest to find Bigfoot, and the winner *might* walk away with 10 million dollars... if Bigfoot doesn't kill them first! Just kidding, no one is going to win that money. But a group of scientists, zoologists, seasoned trackers, and “actual Bigfoot hunters” will try their best. Your move, TLC."
--Shaunna Murphy;

"Spike TV is offering $10 million for proof that Bigfoot exists. The order comes a few months after Bigfoot hunters from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot series (spoiler alert: the show has not found Bigfoot) got into a rather entertaining argument with TV critics over the legitimacy of their work."
--James Hibberd;

"Bigfoot’s days are numbered. That’s because Spike TV is upping the ante on all the Bigfoot shows that routinely fail to prove Sasquatch’s existence with a new show that adds a monstrous monetary incentive to anyone out there that can offer definitive proof that the big hairy one is real.
If this show proves to be a hit, I’d like to ahead and preemptively pitch Spike TV or any other interested network my idea for the series 'Ghost Hunting for Dollars'."

-- Foywonder; Dread Central


  1. I find it much easier to believe in Bigfoot than the likelihood of some credulous and untrained incompetent like Moneymaker ever finding it. FB is seriously painful to watch. I look forward to giving this a try.

    1. That's a great point. At the very least, we may see a novel approach to TV bigfooting, or bigfooting in general, for that matter. Thanks for the comment. Here's to looking forward to another show giving it a try.

  2. I still can't imagine why TTBF didn't get a call? Oh ya they don't want to give the 10 mill to anyone. They know TeamTazerBigfoot with the help of Ro, Shawn, Guy, Damian, Phil, Mike and myself(Bill Brock) would put one in a friggin box!.

    1. Its true Bill. There doesn't seem any prominent Bigfooters from the community on the show. There were rumors that Dr. Jeff Meldrum will be one of the judges, but as far as contestants? Nothing. Thanks for your comment!

    2. They didnt call you because they dont have time for hillbillies and freaking chickens,get real guys.

  3. Guy I would like to see these contestants and see who they are and what makes them the right people to do the job. They must have screened a bunch of people for this to find what they are looking for I am sure none of them are real Bigfoot researchers.

    1. You're right Lee. Many well-known bigfooters in the community auditioned and were interviewed by a casting agency from Los Angeles. None of them seem to have made the show, none that I know of. It will be interesting to see who DID make the cut. Maybe they are saving the better contestants for season two.

    2. Hi guys I am going through my 3rd interview today I am not going to say to much but, I can assure you I am a real researcher.I will at a later date post the e-mails.I will also post why your prominent researchers are not going to be pick up on the show.
      I am no way a hillbilly.I have for a few years now been researching Bigfoot.

    3. I heard Samuel L. Jackson was going to be on one of the teams. A pirated audio clip from one of the studio script readings gave away one of his rehearsed lines:

      "We've gotta get the Mother-bleeping squatches out of these mother-bleeping woods so we can film their @$$e$ and make some G@d d@mn mother-bleeping money!"

    4. Thought I would let all know on how the interview went. Home Run! Team was interview for over an hour. I will be sending pics to casting producer for profile compiling so profile and self bio can be given to producer of show in which they decide who goes to L.A for final cut interview. Will keep you informed. We are excited and hope to bring a favorable impression of bigfoot research. We agree that if bigfoot researching was brought to light, as a bunch of beer drinking hillbillies,then it would just be another set back for true researchers.

  4. I could only feel sorry for the BF that they will disturb all in the name of money and ratings. Nothing is sacred anymore its not bad watching ttbf say for example going after the big guy there real but hollywood is something I personally have a problem with and the wildlife they will disturb all in the name of a quick buck.Mother Nature always wins and so will BF.


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