Friday, October 5, 2012

Stomping Ground, The Newest Bigfoot Movie

John Bobek & Tarah DeSpain in Bigfoot Movie, "Stomping Ground"

Fans, you know we rub elbows with the Hollywood elites, mostly because we tell you so and try drop names as often as possible. Today's post is no different. The name we drop is none other than Dan Riesser, a producer on E!'s The Soup. Oh sure you know him from some of The Soup's funniest skits  like the parody trailer for Dolphin Tale. You may have even seen his short film

After 3 short films Mr Riesser is ready for the full length feature. The movie is titled Stomping Ground and being promoted as: A young couple travels to small town North Carolina and ends up on an
impromptu Bigfoot hunt that threatens their relationship & their lives.

Folks, this is a great time to get Stomping Ground on your radar, since shooting begins this October (2012), you will be in on the ground floor of this production. These guys know how to use social media, unlike previous independent films we covered. Stomping Ground has website, a Twitter page, A Facebook Page and even a Tumblr Page. Don't click yet, let us tell you more about the movie and we will repost the social media for Stomping Ground below.

They will be shooting in the same area Michael Green got his thermal video. Dan Riesser cares a great deal about the research community, and after several emails we can vouch for the respect he intends towards Bigfoot research in the film.

Understandably, we have been asked not to share everything we have been privy to. There seems to be something safe about the "Flat Iron Bar Sequence," so we are resharing the twitter photos below.

As you fans know we don't support every Bigfoot movie that comes our way, but we can't say enough about what we have heard so far about this movie. If your a fan of film, and have previewed Dan Riesser's earlier work, you can tell he has the skill for editing, pace and tone; his ability to film dialogue is impressive. You can follow the movie's progress at the links below and let them know BLC sent ya!

Follow Stomping Ground at:

You can now help finish Stomping Grounds. They only need a little help to finish post-production!  You can go directly to the Stomping Ground KickStarter Page or use the widget below.

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  1. Thanks so much for the support, BLC! Really appreciate the Bigfoot community's support. One thing that's going to set Stomping Ground apart from the recent crop of Bigfoot flicks is that (1) we're not a "found footage" movie and (2) we're not a straight up horror film... We are treating the Big Guy with a bit more respect! Can't wait to have some more stuff to show you guys!


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