Monday, October 22, 2012

Lauren Zima Reviews Baby Bigfoot Episode of Finding Bigfoot

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Posted today, Oct 22, 2012, AOL/Huffington Post decided to review the New York Baby Bigfoot Episode of Finding Bigfoot. After showing clips from the episode, Lauren Zima shares critical tweets of the show regarding it's possible longevity to 5 seasons. Watch the video below after the article.

'Finding Bigfoot': Did The Team Find Evidence Of Baby Bigfoot? (VIDEO)

The "Finding Bigfoot" team headed to upstate New York to look into the famous footage from 1997 of an alleged "baby bigfoot." The footage showed what was described as "either a case of a pet ape or a Sasquatch."

The team explained, though, that chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall looked at the footage and was certain that the creature seen in it was not a chimp. So they ventured into the woods and tried to lure the creature -- or one of its brethren -- by whistling.

They heard a knock in response, which James explained is a Sasquatch communication technique. "They’ll do knocks to keep track of each other where they are, alert to danger, alert to other ones in the area," he said.

It was enough to convince the team that there were Sasquatches in the area, but viewers of the show seemed less certain. Matt Braiman tweeted, "Fifth season of Finding Bigfoot? If you haven't found him yet he's probably not there."

"Finding Bigfoot" is actually heading into its third season -- though the argument could still be made -- premiering Sunday, November 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Animal Planet. A fourth season has been commissioned, with a fifth likely, according to the show's Wikipedia page.

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