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Bigfoot: Lost Coast Tapes Director Talks Bionic Man, Wildboy and In Search of

Three Bigfoot; The Lost Coast Tapes, The Bionic Man's Nemesis, and Wildboy's companion
The Lost Coast Tapes is one of four Bigfoot "found footage" films released this year. The other three titles are ExistBigfoot County, and the internationally award-winning film The Woodsman.

In an interview published October 13th , 2012, MovieWeb talks to Bigfoot: Lost Coast Tapes director, Corey Grant. Our favorite part of the interview is where Grant talks about Bigfoot in popular culture referencing Leonard Nimoy's In Search of, The Bionic Man's Bigfoot, and Sid & Marty Krofft's Bigfoot and Wildboy. Below is an excerpt of grant reminiscing about these various Bigfoot, including his own approach to his movie's Bigfoot.
So you probably grew up with In Search Of, in an era when Bigfoot was fairly new, and pretty scary to kids of our generation.

Corey Grant: I am such a fan of In Search of..., and I loved Bigfoot on The Six Million Dollar Man! (Laughs)

He was kind of a weird dude, that ol' Bigfoot on the Six Million Dollar Man...

Corey Grant: (Laughs) My friends and I have probably watched that clip on Youtube a million times. We are reminiscing and laughing, because we didn't know how funny this thing was at the time.

Did you have the Bigfoot doll? He was like a weird looking stoner from Jersey with a 70s 'stache and a very hairy chest. He had the creepiest eyes...

Corey Grant: (Laughs) Actually, I did have that doll. I also had Steve Austin and the truck...}

And they would drive around and have adventures together behind the couch. I know what you're about. I see where this movie is coming from!

Corey Grant: (Laughs) Yeah!

What about Bigfoot and Wild Boy? That had to be around the same time as The Six Million Dollar Man, but not as many people remember Bigfoot and his pet human Wild Boy...

Corey Grant: No, I haven't really seen too many Bigfoot movies, to be honest with you. I remember seeing something when I was about six or seven. I don't know what it was. But it freaked me out about Bigfoot. I haven't really seen anything since then. I did see Harry and the Hendersons, but that was completely different.

You should look up Bigfoot and Wild Boy. It's from the Kroffts, the guys that did HR Pufnstuf and Sigmund the Seamonster. It was about this kid that was left in the woods as a baby. Bigfoot raised him, and they became this superhero team.

Corey Grant: Are you serious?

Yeah, it was craziness!

Corey Grant: I want to see that!

There have been so many different bigfoots over the years. What went into crafting the look of your particular Bigfoot?

Corey Grant: We had a guy who created a design for us early on. But we had to go with the Jaws approach, where its more affective the less you see of the body. You see glimpses. But you don't really see the details. Where I think a lot of people go wrong, unless you are really intent on spending a lot of time and effort in getting this right...Every movie has a different look for Bigfoot, and when they just put it out there, I think it loses the audience.

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