Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today Show: Using DNA to Track Yeti

Books from the world's largest archive of Yeti information stored in a museum in Switzerland
Below is the Today Show piece that aired a segment on the Oxford University Yeti DNA project headed by Bryan Sykes. Click the following link to read our complete coverage on the Yeti DNA Project.

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Using DNA to track the mythical yeti

Tales of the giant, mountain-dwelling yeti have been told for decades, but is it just a myth or does the creature exist? To get answers, Oxford professor Brian Sykes is using DNA analysis to test material connected to the yeti. NBC’s Keith Miller reports. src:Today Show


  1. BF are not flesh and blood they are a spiritual being. You cant kill them and they cannot be captured. So there is not DNA its all a hoax!
    Alex "midnight walker"

    1. Logically, that would also mean that whatever DNA they have can't be from a spirit, ergo, you have nothing to worry about. If you're that anxious about it, I have to conclude your Faith isn't strong enough to withstand even your own Reason.

      On the bright side, no proper scientist--or atheist for that matter--would argue that it is the job of science to either support or deny religion, which needs no outside validation. You should be talking to the Bigfoot enthusiasts. Perhaps you are.


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