Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Human Side of the Randy Lee Tenley Tragedy

Randy Lee Tenley (Dec. 10, 1967 ~ Aug. 26, 2012)
Many of you have already heard of the guillie suit Bigfoot hoax tragedy. A man, randy Lee Tenley dressed in a guille suit was unfortunately hit by two vehicles while trying to insight a Bigfoot sighting.

At Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman reminds us that a tragedy is more than bad luck, it has emotional consequences that most likely have lifetime impacts. Besides Randy Lee Tenley, there are three very young people that will have to wrestle with the events last Sunday night. The two teenage drivers and Randy's son, Hunter Tenley. 

A benefit fund for Randy’s son, Hunter Tenley, has been established at Three Rivers Bank, 233 E. Idaho St., Kalispell, MT 59901 (406-755-4271)

Please take the time to read Loren Coleman's post where you can read the entire Randy Lee Tenley obituary and the following comment from Loren Coleman:

Our condolences to the Tenley family, and especially his son Hunter. I publish the entire obituary here, so the benefit information will be widely disseminated, for this young man is, no doubt, in need and pain.

Once again, support and condolences to the two traumatized young women drivers who encountered Mr. Tenley on Highway 93.


  1. what a dumbshit

    1. he already looks like a bigfoot. why he needs a guille suit?

  2. My condolences to the Tenley family, as well as Randy's friends and the two unfortunate women who inadvertently struck him down in their vehicles. Nobody should ever have to live such pain.

    As to Randy himself... he gets my highest nomination for a Darwin Award.

    To any other would-be hoaxers out there... understand that when you don a 'suit' in the attempt to discredit others, you're not only being dishonest, but you are putting your lives in jeopardy. This time someone was struck by cars. The next... someone could get shot by hunters... or maybe by natural predation. The point is, let the genuine researchers do their thing to either prove, or disprove the phenomenon; and spend time with your family, instead.

    May the lesson of Randy's ill fate be learned by all; and may the good Lord grant him solace for eternity.



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