Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Office" Spin-off will feature Dwight's Bigfoot Hunting Brother

Dwight Shrute (Rainn Wilson) introduces his Bigfoot hunting brother Jeb Shrute (Thomas Middleditch)
In all the promotional buzz about "Office" Spin-off talks about the debut of Dwights Bigfooting brother, Jeb Shrute. You can read it at the Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone, and TVLine.

All articles seem to be quoting the same Press release in describing Jeb Shrute, although TVLine has the best version:
Dwight’s easygoing thirtysomething brother hasn’t done well in any of the career paths he’s followed – worm breeder and Bigfoot hunter among them — but has found some success with a pot farm. He’s got none of Dwight’s dedication or work ethic, but he has made an exercise video about things you can do with a knife and a canoe.
The spin-off will be called, "The Farm," and will center around Dwight recruiting his brother, sister, his nephew (sister kid), and great uncle. 

All we know is Jeb Shrute is described more than once as a Bigfoot hunter, so the big guy better have a pretty significant role in the new series. At the very least an often talked about topic.

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