Monday, August 20, 2012

London Trackway Revisited

Satellite with Lattitude and Longitude of London Trackway (click to enlarge) 
Going to revisit the London Trackway tomorrow with Toby Johnson and Thom Powell. 

The London Trackway  is the name of the 120-plus tracks, possible Bigfoot tracks, were discovered south of Eugene, Oregon in mid February 2012. These tracks were first discovered by Toby Johnson and his friend known as Tracker. Click the following link to read the official London Trackway Timeline.

Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot has been filming the London Trackway episode for Season 3 since Sunday (8.18.2012) and I'm curious to see how the trackway story will translate into TV land. 

This was an opportunity for me to update my illustrated infographic. I noticed on my original drawing in my sketchbook I had a rough outline of the different soil layers. The sand, clay, and silt substrates. Its not a hundred percent accurate, of course, although I did cross reference with photos. I'm confident that the areas where the tracks cross the different substrates is accurate. As you can see Series A (pink) was almost all silt, while Series B (Lt. Blue) was mostly in a sandy substrate. 

A little additional substrate information (click to enlarge)

I'll let you know how it all goes when I get back home late tomorrow night.


  1. Guy thanks for the update I was wondering what was happening with it all. And I would be looking forward to seeing this BF episode when it comes out this upcoming season.

    1. Thanks for reading Lee. It should be interesting, I don't know if the episode will be comprehensive, it's entertainment first. I would have loved them to interview Thom Powell, but the producers decided not to. It may change once we get down there.

  2. Tracks were discovered by who?

    1. The sequential trackway was discovered Toby Johnson and his friend known as Tracker as it says in the post above. Max Snow found the initial 3 prints in the area, but did not discover the trackway. You can read the timeline at

      Additional help came from John Bull, Chris Minnier, Cliff Barackman, Thom Powell, Beth Heikkinen and Guy Edwards.

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