Saturday, July 28, 2012

Toby Cancels 2012 Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

Today we received a letter in our in-box. Regretfully it announced the cancellation of Toby's 3rd annual Sasquatch Symposium. We were looking forward to the event, we were especially looking forward to Bill Munns 3D digital presentation of his Patterson/Gimlin. The following is the full email explaining the details from Toby Johnson.

This is a very difficult letter forme to write you all, but It needs to be written, but the OSS 2012 has been called off.

The cancellation is due to lack of interest in ticket sales for pre-registration.. In other words the numbers do not add up at all for me to continue forward. We have over 400members on the OSS website, and only about 4%  those members have showninterest in attending. Just to give an example, the 2010 OSS had over 140 preregistered tickets that we’re requested by now. The OSS 2011 conference at CWBhad very powerful pre reg. numbers as well, even with its smaller more intimatesize.For some reason, this conference just has not caught on.

Refunds for Pre Registered OSS tickets will be made in full to those who bought them online and who paid inperson. I will send an email to each one of you personally by the 15thof August  and if for some reason you donot get that email, please email me with your receipt for ticket entry and agood address I can send you a refund. Refunds in total will be mailed out bythe 13th of October.

If you have a hotel reservation, Isuggest you cancel the reservation now.
Any further questions you have onthe who, how and why of it all, can be emailed.

Thank You for your understanding
See you in the trees
Toby A. Johnson


  1. The telepathy crap probably scared them away. Damn, if you can't sell tickets in PDX, where can you? Bummer.

  2. But I think everyone was waiting to buy tickets there! At least that is the impression I got 2 weeks ago at the Olympic Project get together!!! A bunch of us have hotel reservations but have not bought tickets yet because we assumed there was plenty of time to do so.

    Is it too late for him to give us a few more weeks to buy tickets????

  3. I worked 4 trade shows and put in numerpus hours and research into gathering the steam to try and get the % to make sense...4% will never do by this time frame.

  4. My mindspeak registration was sent. Damn. Didn't they get it?

  5. Well if the show is a no go, lets just all get together and go on a big research project? If interested contact me at

  6. In Portland, Bigfoot is a curse because it is used as a cheap excuse to discriminate against those interested in the subject matter. City slickers can't deal with the subject matter because their success does not come from preparing themselves for all of life's foreseeable challenges, but rather from cherry picking the challenges that they intend to prepare for. Grants Pass would have been a better choice because it is just the opposite as Portland, and Ray Rosa and Shelly Binkley have enough untold stories to keep everyone on the edge of their chairs. Plus it is close to California. You are also being cannabalized by the May symposium in SE Washington where Dr Ketchum was a no show. It is too bad that outside research activities could not have been incorporated into the symposium, because most people do not have a clue as to either how to recognize an approaching paranormal bigfoot in another dimension, how to get the attention of one, or how to communicate with them so that all parties come away with an enjoyable experience. The common practice of quickly vacating the area, teaches poor research habits and is obviously highly non-productive.

  7. If your wanting to find the big guy, don't look. Set your camp site and relax, bigfoot has made his living staying out of our way. Sometime's not looking is the best way to find what your looking for. Think about it you lose something, you find it?? When your not looking for it...

  8. Personally, I think the timing of the event was's hunting season and not a great time to be making side excursions into the woods...especially in Clackamas County. I'll be deer hunting in a "squatchy" spot, myself...


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