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6 of the best July 4th Stories from BFRO

Happy 4th of July from the Bigfoot Lunch Club!

There are about 17 Bigfoot Fourth of July stories from BFRO! Below are the top 6th, Hope you enjoy. These stories have been rewritten for you reading pleasure, you can read the rest of the stories told by the witnesses at the links following each story.

The Stick Throwing Stomping Sasquatch of Shawnee National Forest
During July 4th weekend camping trip, a man, his wife and three children hear rustling in the middle of the night, assuming it was raccoons until they heard the vocalization of something much bigger. 

“It sounded like it was calling the other one from the woods into the site,” The wife recalled
When a second one came close to the tent the husband yelled, “HEY GET OUTTA HERE!”
It was enough to get the two creatures to stomp away, and the stomping sounds were enough to convince the family these were not raccoons.  The mother gathered the kids and drove to the nearest town of Portsmouth. They returned an hour later when light began to break. When the parents went to scout the camp site, sticks were thrown and heavy breathing was heard, so they returned to the car and stayed there for another 3 hours. Eventually they returned to camp and had found everything in tact except for the garbage, which had been thoroughly gone through.

Family of Fourteen Finds Bigfoot on the Forth
Three miles east of Nebraska, a family had lit their final fireworks and the hour was close to 11. The party of eight adults and six children retired to the patio as the night began to wind down. Suddenly one of the adults jumped from his chair and urged everyone to look at the bean field across from the house.

“The animal/creature walked at a very fast pace through the beans to a point behind a hill where we lost sight of it,” reported the witness, “I have hunted my entire life and have never seen anything like this before. It walked leaning slightly forward, swinging it's arms as it moved across the field.”

The witness drove his 4x4 truck equipped with spotlights to the place the creature was heading towards. The trail led to a barbed wire fence that clearly indicated the creature had crossed through. The evidence at the fence was enough to scare the witness into turning around and go home.

Mother and Baby Run over Bigfoot with a Honda Civic
During a Fourth of July Weekend a Mother and her Baby were heading home in a Honda Civic. As they rounded a corner the mom eyes followed the guard rail to her right, past the final guard rail post was a crouching creature. To her surprise the seven-foot tall creature stood up eventually jumped in front of the car. In shock, she did not slow down and the creature seemed to know this. Immediately the creature laid flat on the ground and the mom could feel her driver side tires roll over the creatures head. Once home she checked for damage to her car and found only the some hair got in the license plate bolt.

Seattle-bound from Seneca Sasquatch caught in Headlights
it was 1:30am on highway 395. It was the evening of the Fourth of July (officially the fifth as it was 1:30 am) and the witness was driving his 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible, a car with four headlights.

“ I was doing about 70 MPH when my lights caught the eye reflection. I rapidly decreased my speed & the damn thing just stood there like he owned the road! Maybe he was as supprised [sic] as I was? I had good visual on him for at least 10 seconds at close range.” The witness reported.
As the witness got closer he claims, “It crossed the highway (one lane & shoulder) in 2 or 3 steps! It then proceeded up the bank & into the tree line.”

Upon a follow up interview the witness estimates that he got within about 40'-50' at the closest approach before the animal decided to move and could clearly see its facial features, as it was looking at the car directly. He emphasized its short neck and ape-like face with brow ridge and flat nose, the head shape closer to that of a gorilla than of a chimpanzee.

Cabinet Mountain Climbers hear a Curdling Call
Five climbers made base camp at 6500 ft, a great spot to witness firework in Libby, Montana 10 miles away. Any chatter amongst the climbers was silenced by a call lasting for ten long seconds.  The calls are described as a low bear-like growl that continued to rise into a high-pitched scream. The next day a 15ft deep cave was discovered that was lined with pine needles.  Knocks have been heard in the area when the witnessed returned with his son 6 years later.

Waking Whoops heard in Washington State
A fourth of July camping trip near the Humptulips fish hatchery at the mouth of Stevens creek. This is in Grays Harbor County Washington, a hot spot for Bigfoot encounters. After a cooking hotdogs and talking, almost all five campers including a father, son, fiancĂ©, a friend and his step-brother settled in for the night. The friend had stayed up until 2:30 am, and that’s when the whoops began.
When asked by his fiancĂ© what the noise was he claimed it was people as not to alarm her, but these sounds were familiar to him as he states, “the first thing that entered my mind when i heard this was the whoops from the 1974 recording from was almost identical to it but the ones that i heard had more of a primate tone to it...I do believe there was 2 of them communicating because there was one just on the other side of the river not to far back in the timber..(the one that woke us up)...then occasionally we would hear one farther away, then the closer one would whoop back in response...this went on for an hour.”

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