Wednesday, June 20, 2012

USA Today Promotes SyFy's Bigfoot Movie

Danny Bonaduce in SyFy's 2012 Bigfoot Movie
"I had one condition, and that was that I could beat the heck out of Danny Bonaduce at some point in the movie," -- Barry Williams (Greg Brady of the Brady Bunch)

USA Today teases at a few updates regarding the much anticipated SyFy movie simply titled Bigfoot. Click on the following link for our previous coverage of the SyFy Bigfoot movie. Below is an excerpt of the USA Today article

•Bigfoot, starring Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) and Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch). Airs June 30. 
"We've put together four fun movies in a row," says Syfy original movies chief Thomas Vitale. "It's June. It's escapist popcorn fare. They're the kind of movies that are released theatrically in the summer — the big, special-effects-driven movies to give you an emotional release."
They may mix fun and fear, but "their production is taken very seriously," says Ken Badish of Active Entertainment, which produced Arachnoquake and past Syfy originals Swamp Shark and SwampVolcano. "We're able to do so much more even on a relatively lower budget than we could a few years ago." 
Badish says technological advancements have enhanced filmmakers' ability to add higher-quality CGI for less. "We have the ability to deliver production values that are comparable to studio films because we're using the same cameras, the same lenses, the same (executive producers) and crews. We're able to make better B-movies." 
And the actors appreciate the benefits of mixing horror with hoke, and are quick to joke about it. 
"I had one condition, and that was that I could beat the heck out of Danny Bonaduce at some point in the movie," says Williams, best known for playing squeaky clean Greg Brady. (In a 2002 match on Fox's Celebrity Boxing, Bonaduce, who played the mischief-making Danny Partridge, bested him.) 
Williams knows that casting him and Bonaduce is a publicity stunt with the potential to draw curious fans of these vintage '70s shows. "When you team Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce in a movie, that's inescapable," he says. 
Bonaduce shares the sentiment. "If you took The Partridge Family-Brady Bunch quantum out of this, you'd have yourself a pretty good sci-fi movie about Bigfoot. It's just that big numbers (of viewers) are going to be coming because of Greg Brady vs. Danny Partridge going after Bigfoot. Otherwise, you'd just have the Bigfoot cult and the sci-fi cult."


  1. The quote '"the production was taken very seriously"' must be a joke in itself. Even for a laughable toungue-in-cheek backwoods King-Kong remake, this movie was REALLY bad! I mean, they didn't even try to make the cg helicopters and police car look good. The movie was good for a laugh, but I see no evidence that production was taken seriously.

  2. Calling the movie bad is giving the word bad a bad name.

  3. It was a good "B" movie...saturday night, popcorn and a beer and a smile on your face. I think it could have gone more towards the King Kong type movie.

  4. It's the new Rocky Horror picture show of bigfootery (minus Meat Loaf). Hated it in many ways, but still laughed my way though.

  5. I enjoyed seeing Alice Cooper get bpoted off stage by BF!

  6. At BLC we have mixed feelings. We love B movies. We love SyFy B movies. Putting aside the King Kong Jr, it wasn't quite "bad" enough. Some B movies seem to have a self awareness of how bad they are. Because of the casting, we were expecting of feeling like the movie was in on the joke too. Never quite felt that way.

  7. could not watch it all,why did they bother? sat. receiver refused to return to space channel

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