Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Primate Breeder: Bigfoot — the Legend Analyzed

Dr Ron Brown Primate Breeding Specialist.
Lake Oroville Visitor Center will host a presentation tomorrow night (June 13th, 2012) starting at 7 pm. Dr. Brown has been speaking at this engagement since 2006 and has returned every two years with a slightly different presentation. 

Dr. Ron Brown received his Doctorate in Zoology from East Africa, where he lived during the 1980s. He was the co-operator of a breeding facility for Native African animals in South Africa. Dr. Brown wrote his first paper on Bigfoot at U.C. Berkeley in 1972; a non-scientific critique of the 1967 Patterson Film and has been a contributing author for books on Bigfoot. He has participated in numerous field studies and investigations and is affiliated with the only academically qualified field investigatory team he’s aware of on Bigfoot.

Dr. Brown presented a very similar presentation in 2008 that included a detailed history of Bigfoot sightings dating back to the 1800s’ plus analysis of both the Paterson and Redwoods films. He also brought along several track castings, a knuckle print, and a large hind-quarters casting.

The speaker’s long history of studying and breeding large primates gives him a very unique perspective on the Bigfoot phenomena, so this should be a very informative and entertaining presentation.

Bring family and friends, a picnic dinner, and dine on the Visitor Center’s shaded patio before the program begins. The Visitor Center remains open after 5 p.m. on specified Summer Speaker Series Wednesday evenings only during the summer months.

To reach the Visitor Center, take Hwy. 162 (Olive Hwy.) east out of downtown Oroville, travel approx. 7 miles and turn left onto Kelly Ridge Road and follow it to the end. This event is accessible to persons with disabilities. If you are in need of a specific accommodation or need additional information regarding this FREE PRESENTATION, please phone the Lake Oroville Visitor Center at (530) 538-2219.

Getting There:
For the best answers to questions concerning any visitor information, please contact:
Lake Oroville Visitor Center
Ph. #: (530) 538-2219
917 Kelly Ridge Road
Oroville, CA 95966
Latitude: 39° 46’ 20.67” N   |||   Longitude: 121° 50’ 27.35” W


  1. There is no record at UC Berkeley of Ron Brown, his paper or credentials - I work there and looked, my whole family works there.

  2. http://seesdifferent.wordpress.com/

  3. http://seesdifferent.wordpress.com/


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