Saturday, June 30, 2012

LISTEN to Finding Bigfoot's Bobo Interviewed Tomorrow

Illustration by Rictor Riolo who will co-host with Sharon Lee
as they interview Bobo of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot

James "Bobo" Fay is on a break from filming Season 3 of Finding Bigfoot (due to premier this fall on Animal Planet). You can catch up and hear what is in store for  the upcoming season by tuning into Sharon Lee's BlogTalkRadio Channel.

Sunday at 5pm is the time to tune in. As an extra bonus, Rictor Riolo, Bigfoot illustrator extraordinaire, will be co-hosting.


  1. Bobo's a good guy, serious about "Squatching", and always entertaining. Looking forward to listening in!

    ~Joe M.~

  2. I'm in the uk & I think bobo is the star of the show,he is such a funny character,he is a true squatcher

  3. I like Bobo he's the reason I watch the show


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